Not to brag or anything (which is a clear sign to anybody knowing His Imperial Majesty that he’s about to do just that), but our Imperial Heirs just got their report cards and both of them tested above the “Advanced” category.

Which, of course, led to His Imperial Majesty reacting as any responsible, loving father would react: Calling the two rug rats on the carpet after telling them to drop their shit and report to me ASAP. Which they did. Because they’re good little soldiers.

Followed by me having them at attention while I furrowed my brow while looking at their report cards, looking from one to the other and then finally saying: “Sons, I don’t know of a polite way of putting this, but it has to be said. I’ve looked at your report cards and, well…”

You could hear a pin dropping at this point and much fidgeting was going on.

“Way to GO, kids. OO-rah!”

Mheh. I’m an asshole, I know it.

Seriously, though, I had been worried about them. They have good genes on both sides and they’d been stuck on idle for a while because they didn’t really need to make an effort, and I was waiting to see if they’d get over it. Obviously they did.

Yes, I’m a proud daddy today and I let them know. I also let them know that they’d damn well better keep it up.

See, life ain’t all shit in OgabeTopia.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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