Many is the time that His Imperial Majesty has held forth the British NHS as a perfect example of the horrors that await the citizens of the Empire should they foolishly decide to adopt OgabeCare. By an odd coincidence, it is exactly equal to the number of times we’ve been ignored since facts, obviously, matter little to an electorate high on unicorn farts and regurgitated Skittles, but we digress. Being an Emperor, a humble and unworthy mortal appointed by the Will of G-d to rule over mankind, we’re used to speaking to deaf ears who cannot possibly understand the wisdom of our words.

But this one, found over at LC & IB Rand’s place, this one just has to do the job.

Oh bother, who are we trying to fool? Obviously the punch drunk morons entrusted with a vote over here have convinced themselves that we, WE can make something work that has failed miserably every single one of the seventy-something times it’s already been tried elsewhere.

And it’s not like we can expect any assistance from the nithings and skraelings of the GOP who are currently too busy, once again, trying to convince everybody that spending months blowing hot air only to ultimately cede the battlefield to the Democrat Socialists is somehow a resounding victory for the forces of good.

But, that being said, His Imperial Benevolence’s eyes were wet with tears of laughter upon reading this:

A former NHS director died after waiting for nine months for an operation – at her own hospital.


Waiting nine excruciating months to get an operation that, under the healthcare system we had in America That Was, would have been agreed to Monday and scheduled for Wednesday at the latest, only to die at the end because the “fairer”, “cheaper” and “smarterer” system of socialized medicine couldn’t be arsed to do their primary job.

We guess The Death Panels That Aren’t™, as we’re constantly told, didn’t think much of her as an investment and thought that it would be better to just let the old hag die.

Bending the cost curve, don’t you know old chap?

And keep in mind: She was at the top of the pig heap, a true apparatchik, unlike the fiddy2er shmucks over here who voted for Ogabe the King, thinking that he’d usher in an era of free, universally available quality health care for all.


Getting angry yet, you imbeciles?

You voted for it and you got it, good and hard. But this is only the beginning. It’s going to get so, so, SO much worse before there’s even a chance that it might get better, and those of you “pragmatists” looking to the current batch of compromising, appeasing shlemiels of the GOP for help are going to feel mightily stupid indeed very shortly.

And don’t look to us for help either. We offered, repeatedly, and we were told that we were “extreme” and “unreasonable”, not to mention “not helpful at all.”

For daring to tell you just exactly where you were headed. Not based on wild-eyed conspiracy theories, not based on hatred for our political opposition, but based solely on personal, painful, actual experience with the system that your “Basically Good Man” Ogabe’s ideological brethren have imposed on too many other countries to mention.

Yet when we even dare use an overly polite term such as “socialist” for him and his fellow parasites, you shriek like Vestal Virgins staring at a naked dick.

So go to Hades, the self-imposed Hades that you’ve asked for, begged for, that you deserve as a result of your cowardice in the face of evil, your appeasement, your hopes that you can feed the crocodile enough that he’ll eat you last.

We’ll be right there, behind the ramparts, well-manned with our fellow LCs while the socialist dogs tear you apart.

But if you comport yourselves well on the battlefield, if you tire the enemy enough to give us a breather before we sally forth to deal with them and wipe them off the face of the earth, we might remember you favorably and give you a decent burial.

You had your choice. More than once. We practically pleaded with you to see reason.

Yet you chose poorly.

That saddens us, but we’re not going down with you.

Win or lose, that is in the hands of the Almighty, but the choice between dying on your feet or being slaughtered like a sheep is not.

We all die. There is no choice involved. But we can choose to die well.

Or die like “well-intentioned” cowards.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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