Previously, in one of the more spirited “discussions” of this site, His Imperial Majesty pointed out that the house to house searches of Boston might have been of the polite “Excuse us, may we take a look to make sure your residence hasn’t been infested by Haji psychopaths?” variety and that, at any rate, it would behoove us not to automatically assume the worst since data would surely be forthcoming in this digital age.

And it has, thanks to reader Chuck:

Consider the question answered.

And no, that still doesn’t mean that you can call the Mall Ninja Stormtroopers of Boston “SS”. That would be a grave insult to the snappy uniforms and professional behavior of the SS.

Give a retard with inferiority complexes some Tacti-Cool gear and some heavy weaponry and he’s still a retard with inferiority complexes who hasn’t been laid since his sister went down on him when he was 12.

Now he’s just a very dangerous one.

But not that dangerous.

Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet.


(Updates under the fold as this post was getting entirely too long, hogging all of the space)

UPDATE: LC Xystus points out that, in all fairness, we now have a data set of one data point. Which is, of course true. Also, as I was scratching my head thinking along those lines further, what evidence do we really have that the video is even from Boston or last week? Good questions.

UPDATE the SECOND: (Via Bob Owens) Alright, at this point I’m beginning to need some solid evidence that this wasn’t the StormTroopers showing their asses:

At this point, any discussion about warrants, probable cause and “protecting the public” is purely academic and bloody fucking irrelevant. Look at the clowns in their mall ninja gear. They’re not out there to “protect and to serve”, they’re nursing the beginnings of a boner as they imagine themselves heroically patrolling the streets of Fa-fucking-llujah. Note them casually flipping open garbage cans (perfectly understandable) and just nonchalantly leaving them open (simply bad form unless you think you’re patrolling a hot war zone), listen to the fat fuck in the APC issuing orders to citizens of the United States over the PA while his goons act as if they fucking own the place.

I don’t care what the fuck panicked bleeding hearts say, that is NOT the United States that I have sworn an oath to defend unto death.

Am I quibbling over details? No. I am not. Look at them. Look at the demeanor of them. Those are not fellow citizens doing their duty. Those are immature, power-tripping adolescents treating their fellow citizens like The Other™, guilty until proven innocent, Not Like Us™, and they don’t give a flying fuck in a Fujita 5 twister. They have already set themselves apart from The Rest of Us™ in their tribal minds, and that is very dangerous. It is very, very dangerous. Because once you’re “special”, once the citizens belonging to the community of which you are a part suddenly are no longer seen as your own tribe, then any act against them becomes really fucking easy to justify in your own mind.

Why do you, dear readers, think that responsible, competent LEOs all over the country spend so much time on community relations? They do. Trust me, I know. It’s because they, unlike those wannabe supermen showing everybody who’s boss, know that a strong bond of trust between LE and their community is the single most important asset any police force has. It’s what generates tips to LE when some asshole is on the loose, it’s what makes the community rise as one when they feel that their cops are being underfunded or treated unfairly, it’s what provides hundreds of volunteers when a kid goes missing, it’s what makes the community show up in force when a cop is killed in the line of duty and raise funds for his widow and kids, it’s what makes every cop on the beat know that he’s got eyes everywhere, covering his back. And in quite a few cases, it’s what makes a citizen (and kindly quit calling them “civilians”, that’s a term that you use in a war zone) draw his firearm and shoot a fucking asshole dead as he assaults an officer.

And, to drive home the point that we need each other, it was a citizen who actually found the Haji motherfucker after the StormTrooper Tribe had searched the premises and failed to notice anything wrong.

Yes, our police has the uniforms and no, we’re not trying to do their job any more than we’re barging into an OR demanding to take over grandmas triple bypass surgery, but we’re partners and we work together. Because it is not “us vs. them”, we’re all in the same tribe.

At least when it’s done right as it is in His Imperial Majesty’s JD. We’re lucky and we are beginning to realize just how lucky we are.

It obviously isn’t in Boston.

And that, no matter what anybody might say, is not America.


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