While there are certainly enough bits and bytes being burned on the happenings in Boston to keep the inter-tube flooded for a good long while there’s something that came across my radar that – I’m taking a dim view of, maybe I am over reacting.

This is a picture supposedly from the Boston area during the man hunt for the so called Marathon Bombers.

fb Martial Law

Okay in the interest of full disclosure here – It came from a conservative group I  ‘liked’ at one point on FB. So I see their updates.

The whole meme behind the picture is one of like in other posts here, concerns of the actions in Boston during the manhunt of an emerging police state. They’re valid concerns, I have my own views on that particularly prickly  thorn bush – but I’m not really going to delve into it in this post.

What immediately popped into my head when this crossed that radar was not some concern about the “police state” in America – It was more of primal level – the level of a father.

As soon as it popped up the first thing I said was – “What.The.Fuck.Over”.

Look at this picture and tell me – what is this person taking the picture – I am assuming due to downward angle of the lens’s field of view that it is an adult. Possibly this Child’s Parent. What in the flying FUCK is this mouth breathing moron thinking here?

Hey you, photo taking intestine filler for brains. Yeah You, com’er a second…. let me explain something to you…..

– Your (assuming here) fucking 10-12 year old daughter is standing in front of a plate glass window.

– During full scale police / Para- Military Operations.

– There are people out there running around with fully automatic weapons, and a terrorist considered “armed and extremely dangerous” who has already taken innocents life, set off two bombs, and a score of others explosive devices around Boston.

Now tell me short bus – Do I need ask you ? What could POSSIBLY go wrong in this situation?!?!?

Do you not see an inheritable danger of allowing your young daughter to stand in front of a plate glass window during all of this? No? Well gee, You truly ARE a  special kind of fucking stupid aren’t you?! Here’s your sign:



Given the same situation I am quite confident my kids would have been no where and I mean NO fucking where in the area of a plate glass window over looking the street – in fact I probably would have made every effort humanly possible to egress the entire area until such times as it was a little less of a hot zone.

To me, that’s just plain common damn sense. Failing that, I would have had them somewhere as far away with as many fucking walls as possible between that front wall and them as possible. With me armed to the teeth sitting right with them playing a marathon session of Monopoly. Paranoid? Too Much time doing the Anti Terror training crap I have to? Maybe.

As I post this I just keep getting more irritated with it. Who the fuck allows their kid to do this? Are fucking parents so god damn fucking stupid these days they cannot put a little common sense in front of their PATHETIC  primal urge to impress somebody – anybody!11!!Eleventy!!  On god damn Facebook with their latest fucking cell phone inst-a -gram and Twitter bullshit?

I really WOULD love to meet this kids parent that took that picture – I would. I don’t care if they are Conservative, Libertarian, full on blown Liberal, or a little Oompa god damn Loommpa from the Wonka Chocolate Factory…just so I could look at them and say – “you sir,  (or ma’am as the case may be) – are a full on fucking mouth breathing  protruding brow retard, I pity your child”.

Maybe some of you can come up with a Caption for it – hence the tag of “Caption THIS” for the post – my Post title is the best I could come up with and not start a bout of Touretetts syndrome style cursing –  have at it.











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