…and we’re not as much as suggesting that SluBlog is one of those who hasn’t been getting it, because that’s definitely not the case, but we hope that his excellent post spreads to some of the more “civilized” and “pragmatic” ones on our side, because it’s yet another wake up call:

Still, the president wasn’t just angry because he lost. He was angry because he lost to people who hold an opinion he’s unable and unwilling to understand and who he seems to regard as beneath him. Last night, Obama showed us the anger that lurks under the no-drama exterior and revealed what we on the right have known for years – he’s thoroughly a man of the left, and shares the left’s contempt for those who believe that the second amendment is not a collective right, but an individual right for a collective purpose – ultimately, the preservation of a “free state.” Our belief in individual liberty makes us inconvenient, and our refusal to acquiesce to the Benevolent and All-Knowing, All Providing Nanny State makes us barriers to the goals of the left.

Quite so, dear Slu.

But it’s not just on 2A issues, it’s on every issue. Every. Single. One.

And before I, once again and for the umpteenth time, start banging my by now tired and worn drum on the issue, let me, also once again, point out why I am not in any way pulling any of the following out of my posterior: I was, once, of the left. Not just “flirting with the ideas” or “curiously studying their customs and quaint habits”, but “red scarf wearing true believer.”

Yes, I hang my head in shame over my youthful ignorance, but I got better. And I try to atone for it by passing on what I’ve learned to those who weren’t as dumb as I and therefore have not the first fucking clue as to what they think they’re up against. Without much success, as the past five years have shown, most of the time — when I get a response at all — it’s along the lines of “lalalala I can’t hear you” or “sure, but our lefties are diff’runt.”

They’re not. That’s the whole point of the left. On the left, nobody’s diff’runt or they’re not on the left anymore. Utter one, even a slight little minor one, heresy against the leftist catechism and we will make you a non-person. Just ask Bob Woodward who, we believe, was once quite the left’s hero for bringing down that horrible man, Richard Nixon. One act of heresy against the Dogma of the Cult of Obama, and he was a doddering old retarded fool and sellout, ready for the glue factory.


And that was not an aberration. That is how it works on the left. Again I say it: Because I KNOW it personally. Heck, I’ve been a part of the drum circle myself, reflexively and instantly “forgetting” people who were heroes yesterday but capitalist traitor scum the next who had suddenly never done a worthwhile thing in their lives. After a while it becomes habit. It’s not even difficult anymore.

So why is it not difficult? It’s because of how we approach ideological differences on the left. Being of the right, you, as I do now, know that we approach differences in ideology as competing ideas. We study the opposing idea, study our own and try to come up with compelling arguments as to why the other idea is wrong. It’s all about the ideas, not the person. Sure, we certainly fling insults and epithets when the person holding the idea is particularly egregiously stupid, but that’s more of a sort of emotional catharsis than it is any attempt at argument.

On the left, on the other hand, the opposing idea is not important at all. Because party ideology is always right, and therefore any idea that opposes it must, naturally, be wrong no matter how it’s worded. This is never questioned. Never. Because it’s a fundamental truth to a true leftist believer. 1) The party is always right. 2) If not, see 1). Why the party is right is irrelevant because, seriously, IT IS RIGHT. Seriously, were you not paying attention?

That is why attempting to engage leftists on ideas is an exercise in futility. Most won’t even take part, but those who pretend to be doing so aren’t actually listening. Because they know they’re already right. They were told so. And the party is always right. Again: I say this because I KNOW. Putting my old red cap on again, why would I question what the party said? All of its ideas had been passed down to me from people much smarter and more learned than I, people who had read all the books and dedicated decades of their lives to studying them, so if I was confused about something it was obviously because I was just missing some important detail. More study would be needed, but questioning the wisdom of the party’s elders was definitely right out. Particularly to a young, naive man.

Contrast this with how we form our ideas on the right: Sure, much of it is passed down from others as well, but it is also very much allowed, even welcomed in many cases (though we’re sure there are exceptions) to ask questions, to request clarifications, to offer counter-proposals etc. Because we could be wrong, you know, and, either way, we both learn from the process when we think our thoughts through and try to argue our case. Win-win.

That is NOT accepted on the left. Try it and you’ll be either bullied back into formation or drummed right out of the movement and become a “non-person.”

So don’t bother “engaging in debate” with leftists, because it’s like trying to teach a pig astrophysics, with the exception that the pig is not deliberately ignoring you.

And the next point, another one ignored by our “pragmatists” and “civility champions” on the right because of their utter ignorance of what they’re dealing with is this: We on the left (again I put my old cap on) do not “disagree” with you. We despise you. The more spirited among us even hate you. Those can mostly be found among the lowest echelons of the movement, the ones who were just given their party badge and feel that they have something to prove so they can move up in the system. Higher up, it’s mostly just contempt.

“But that’s horrible!” Yes it is, but it also follows naturally from the rest of the rotten structure of the ideology, and it’s a lot easier to wrap your head around if you used to be one of them but, briefly, you have to imagine that you hold ideas that you have been taught to the point where you don’t for a second question it are self-evidently true, that they’re the only truth, that it’s so plainly obvious that it’s the truth, so therefore anybody disagreeing must be of a lesser intellect. Or quite possibly quite insane. Or motivated by pure evil.

How can you feel anything but contempt for somebody who stubbornly refuses to agree with you, you who hold ideas that are undeniably, unquestionably, bloody obviously true?

So keep that in mind, “pragmatists”, the next time you make yet another futile charge into the breach to “engage in dialogue” and “find common ground” because “something must be done.” The ones you think you’re engaging are sitting there chuckling inside, wondering how much longer they will have to pretend to listen to that poor, ignorant yokel on the other side in order to be able to say that they “listened” but, regrettably, you cannot agree to the compromise offered.

Think about that, dear “pragmatists”, the next time you rush to compromise with the likes of Schumer. You may think that you’re “competing in the marketplace of ideas”, that you’re “dealing with reasonable men who will surely see the compelling nature of at least some of the reams of data and statistics that you’re bringing along”, but to us on the other side of the table you are, at best, the snotty 4-year-old trying to convince us that time travel is so totally possible if you just use a cardboard box and and egg timer. We’re biding our time, trying hard not to laugh and roll our eyes while we wait for the clock to run out. Because we KNOW that we’re right. You’re just dumb. You’re beneath us, but we have to play the game for the galleries. For now. Until such time when we’ve achieved our true goals and we’ll never have to deal with the approval of lesser beings, but can go on full speed ahead creating Utopia For the Betterment and Good of All, Even Those Who Don’t Have the Brains to Understand It™.

Why do you “pragmatists” think that it is always you who have to come to them? It’s because you don’t matter. You are, admittedly, human in the sense that you share the same biology as The Enlightened Ones™, but you’re a lower class of human. Mud people. The Great Unwashed. The poor benighted ignorant ones who need our help to rise you above your station and guide you through life.

For your own good.

You think we just made that one up by accident? “For your own good?” We didn’t. That’s how we see you. Helpless ignoramuses who need, whether you realize it or not, our guidance. For your own good.

Which brings us to the last point, and if the above infuriated you, then this will absolutely send chills down your spines.

Since you’re beneath us and since you tend to stand in the way of The Common Good in spite of The Common Good being an undeniable fact, we will “remove” you if we have to. With deep regrets, of course, at least if anybody’s asking, because The Common Good is, after all, in the best interest of all of mankind and if you, stubbornly or through sheer malice, insist on holding all of mankind back then, well…

You were barely human to begin with, remember? Sort of a retarded cousin stuck on the lower rungs of the evolutionary ladder. It’ll hurt to have to put Fido down, of course, but it was for his own good.

Remember that.

THIS is what you’re fighting, what we’re ALL fighting now.

Do try to listen this time. I’ll keep repeating myself as I have before, but we may not have much longer for me to repeat myself before I won’t have to. Because then you, me, all of us, like the Jews of Germany, will have the facts staring us in the face.


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By Emperor Misha I

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