…of the “Constitutional Experiment”, because it’s about bloody obvious to anybody with eyes to see and the IQ to tie their own shoelaces that this thing is going to crash and burn before it gets better. We can call the result “The Republic II, This Time No Fascists Allowed”, but first we have to admit to ourselves that the first version didn’t last and that the tree of liberty is going to be well and truly soaked before long.

The outstanding staff of this site have been peerless in keeping up with the bullshit that His Imperial Majesty has been too busy facepalming to comment on, so that’s pretty much covered. Thanks!

And there’s been a lot of facepalming done at the Imperial Palace. You know, when you’ve spent your entire life either living under the mistakes of the ProgNazis and their like or studying their past failures in bringing about the Utopia of Next Tuesday™, noting that the result, throughout all of human history, NO EXCEPTIONS, has been the exact same: Misery, Tyranny, Murder and Oppression, AND you’ve been screaming at the top of your lungs from the very moment we landed on these shores and noticed some very familiar trends for people to wake the fuck up and realize what was going on, facepalming seems to be the only thing to do when they choose to ignore you because… Fuck if we know. They know better, perhaps, from having absolutely zero buttfucking experience with how the socialist fascist scum work? Oh sure, none of those other hundreds of nations and civilizations could make it work, but WE’RE DIFF’RUNT?

“It could never happen here?”

That particular one sounds, we’d like to point out, equally idiotic in the original German. No, it surely couldn’t happen in Germany. Germany was, after all, the epitome of Western Civilization, culture and enlightenment, there was nary a soul in Europe during the 20 year Armistice as we liked to refer to the 1918-1938 period who believed that this silly upstart from Austria could turn Germany into a barbaric, fascist hellhole of genocide, he was just a populist politician with the best of intentions who, even if a bit loud and boisterous at times, surely was every bit the “good man” that we’re told constantly by the bien-pensant of the RINO Establishment that Generalissimo Ogabe is, so just calm down you paranoid hobbits, extremists and right wing Tea Party nutjobs.

Don’t let’s be beastly to the Germans.

If only that one had been published before the war. But it’s the exact same tune we’re hearing from the “realistic, moderate Republicans” about the fascist scum currently in control of our nation. Never mind that they’ve been quite vocal, particularly lately now that they feel that they’ve already won, about their ultimate goals, never mind that their ideological forefathers, from Benito Mussolini to Adolf Hitler (oh and Godwin? Kiss my sweaty taint!), from Josef Stalin to Pol Pot have murdered well over a hundred million innocent people (and that was just one century, imagine what they’ll accomplish when they really put their minds to it!), just “don’t let’s be beastly to the socialists.”

OK, so they’re busy destroying, systematically, the most successful, free and prosperous nation that this planet ever knew, a nation that did quite well indeed for two centuries until they started gaining traction, but don’t let’s be beastly about it. Can’t we all just agree to disagree in a civil fashion while the planet’s last, fading hope of liberty and prosperity gets snuffed out?

No. We can’t.

Call us old fashioned, but concepts like liberty aren’t negotiable to us. Perhaps they’re even less negotiable to His Imperial Majesty because we, unlike the pampered, helpless, worthless, pussified punks of this nation actually know what it’s like to be chained even if the chains were wonderfully covered with velvet and rather like the feeling of not wearing them anymore. And we take great offense at anybody, anywhere, no matter what their intentions or rationale, trying to put us back into them. Great, violent offense.

So let’s, by all means, be beastly to the socialists. Let’s be as beastly as we possibly can. Let us put our heads together and come up with new and innovative ways in which to be beastly to them in ways that will not only hurt them, but terrify them.

Let us quit pretending that socialism is something with which one can get along, because it isn’t. It is anathema to anything an individual who values his or her personal liberty believes. The two cannot coexist.


You cannot compromise a little bit with socialism without giving up the whole deal, any more than you can be “a little bit pregnant.” There are no “grades of liberty.” Either you have it, or you don’t. Period. End. Stop.

So understand, please, that if you find yourself even contemplating agreeing with the likes of treasonous scum like McCain, Graham and Toomey that we can “meet in the middle” on liberty, then you’re no better than The Other Side. Not necessarily because you believe in the slightest in what The Other Side believes, you may just be a kind, reasonable person who likes to get along and don’t want a fuss if one can be avoided, all very laudable, but you have to understand…


…that you cannot, must not, ever compromise with Evil, because that way Evil will always win, and The Other Side ARE evil. They may not even know it, they may be the nicest of people with the best of intentions, but they are, nevertheless, Evil’s henchmen.

Orwell, and he was not exactly what you’d call a Right Wing Death Beast by any stretch of the imagination, made a point of noting how the pacifists of the Two Decade Armistice were “objectively pro-fascist”, even though there was not a fascist bone in their bodies. We don’t doubt that for a second. You have to understand that Europeans during the Two Decade Armistice had every reason in the world to be pacifist. You think the Civil War was traumatic? It surely was, but WWI did things to the European psyche that you would not believe. Anybody NOT being desperate to NOT go through that again back then would have had to be heartless.

Yet the fact remains. For all of their well-intentioned and perfectly rational desire to avoid another conflagration like WWI, they were still enabling the fascists and, as such, were objectively pro-fascist. 1939 proves Orwell’s point, we believe. The fact that WWII was even worse than WWI only pounds in the painful fact more.

If you compromise, if you’re like Toomey, McCain, Graham and too many others to count on “our side” who are trying to not be beastly to the socialists then you are, for all intents and purposes, pro-socialist. Through your inaction, however well-intentioned and understandable it might seem, and we do agree that it’s understandable to wish to avoid an open confrontation, you’re only making it easier for animals that you would not ever want to control your lives to actually get to the point where they WILL control your lives.

You have to make a choice.

You can have war now, or you can have war later when the enemy is stronger, but you CANNOT AVOID THE WAR.

Because liberty and socialism are incompatible. They cannot coexist. You can have one or the other. Not both.

Our greatest mistake as a nation, our one unfinished job in WWII, was that we didn’t finish off socialism. We’d wiped it out in Germany and Italy, at least for a time, but we failed to put every last motherfucking one of the beasts to the gun. We left the Soviets to fester like the part of a tumor that you forgot to cut out during surgery, we failed to back Chiang Kai-Shek sufficiently, and it ended up metastasizing throughout the body.

And it came to our shores.

And we did nothing. Because “don’t let’s be beastly to the socialists.”

We’re reaping the price of that folly now, and it’s going to cause a cataclysm of pain to all of us, but if we’re to even entertain a flickering hope of winning, we have to stop this “civility” nonsense. Just because Ogabe and his fellow fascists aren’t rounding up dissidents and executing them yet doesn’t mean that they won’t, because they WILL. They have never, not once, failed to reach that point. They are utterly predictable, we’ve seen that scenario play out numerous times throughout history, and it’s the very bottom of idiocy to pretend that it’s not going to play out, eventually if we let it, the same way here.

And all of your cries of “but we didn’t think it could ever happen HERE” will be about as useful to you and your loved ones as those very same cries were to the Jews being shipped off to Auschwitz, Maidanek, Bergen-Belsen and too many other places to mention.

We, as a nation, are at a Crucible.

We can choose to stand and fight now, even if that means “being beastly” to the ones that seek to destroy us, or we can put it off until tomorrow when we’ll no longer have the means to do so.

Because believe us, the disarmament of our nation will NOT end with a “compromise on background checks”, any more than illegal immigration was ended with a “compromise on illegal immigration” in 1986.

Our socialist enemies are relentless and very patient, although their recent successes have made their masks slip a bit.

Let’s be beastly to the socialists. Let’s destroy them. Utterly.

No compromise. No surrender. No forgiveness. No mercy.



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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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