For days we’ve been told by the MSM  that there was a possibility of 8 RINO’s stampeding across the aisle to support Harry Reid’s Anti 2ND Amendment Bill. Well I guess the press-titutes must be as surprised as I am (Yeah – RIGHT!)  that that number DOUBLED this morning – it wasn’t 8 – It was 16 Republicans that voted to bring the bill to the floor – thus throwing Senator’s Paul Rand and others who were threatening to filibuster the ProgNazi’s latest gun grab  bill directly under the wheels of the RINO’s Treason Train. Alllll Aboard!!

Once again the Obama Propaganda Machine gives cover right up to the last second to a bunch of traitorous assholes …Seriously, if you actually think for one second the press wasn’t aware of the fact that there were other Republicans that were going to vote to allow this bill to move forward  but stuck to the number as 8 – I’ve got a bridge up for sell. Call me – we’ll do lunch. Wink.

Here’s the listing of the 16 Republicans (RINO) That “crossed the aisle” and allowed the ProgNazi’s to bring their gun grab bill to the floor of the Senate. The usual suspects are all there.

Obviously I understand that this does NOT mean the bill is law- as we all should. It only means that the bill is now going to be allowed on the floor for debate. There is no guarantee one way or the other that the bill will pass or fail at this point, but it certainly doesn’t look good for the home team.

However comma, that is not the point. The point here is simply that ….This bill should have been a dead stinking carcass upon arrival, it should have been mocked and ridiculed out of existence- but yet again, 16 Republicans fell prey to the ever fucking ridiculous notion that – “Yes Virgina, there really is an honest Democrat in D.C.” That’s the nice way to say it – the darker thoughts running through my head is these 16 traitors – know exactly what they are doing, and they do intend to pass this in full, they’ve jumped the aisle for good on this issue.

Of particular concern here is that this listing, with exception of well established RINO Whores like Collins (ME) , McCain (AZ), Alexander (TN) and Graham (SC)  is more or less a who’s who of – red state Senators.

Sadly, and with much anger I have to say both my Senators from TN voted to allow the bill to proceed – much to my disgust.

I more or less expected Lamar Alexander (TN) to jump ship – he’s got a proven track record of it time and time again. He’s part of the “Memphis crowd” – But Corker?

So with out more ado ….Bob fucking Corker – I hope you fucking drop dead – actually Bob….yesterday would have been a nice fucking day to do exactly that…but no hard feelings …right Bob? You fucking piece of camel shit herpes infected cunt stain bastard son of a crack whore that you are.

Kelly Ayotte (N.H.)
Richard Burr (N.C.)
Saxby Chambliss (Ga.)
Tom Coburn (Okla.)
Susan Collins (Maine)
Bob Corker (Tenn.)
Jeff Flake (Ariz.)
Lindsey Graham (S.C.)
Dean Heller (Nev.)
John Hoeven (N.D.)
Johnny Isakson (Ga.)
Mark Kirk (Ill.),
John McCain (Ariz.)
Pat Toomey (Pa.)
Roger Wicker (Miss.)
Lamar Alexander (Tenn.)

A thousand times a thousand curses on the houses of all 16. Biblical ones. Locusts – Boils – Pestilence and Plague – Because hey, when dealing with traitorous scum like these sixteen – you should care enough to send the very best….


Update -1

It would appear that the blow back is starting: For those of you that use Face Crack – go and search around on the 16 RINO’s FB pages…the blow back is rather – impressive.

There is also a movement afoot to bring the NRA to task because they have given each of these treasonous bastards high ratings…

Here’s some of the comments I saw on Lamar Alexanders FB page:

**  For whatever reason the block quotes under the fold aren’t displaying properly – so I’ve italicized any comments I pulled off of FB **

TRAITOR!!!! Consider your Political career over because we will no longer vote for someone that doesn’t represent our people!

 You sold your soul today, Senator, and you killed the chance for Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and others to filibuster this issue. Why??? Why??? Why??? We, the folks who voted you into office, deserve an explanation for this vote.

I fought for this country and the constitutional rights that you just decided should be up for debate, The problem here, senator, is that the bill of rights is supposed to be non- negotiable. get packing because your outta here in 2014.

There were 164+ (and counting) comments on just one issue that Alexander posted about – and it had nothing to do with the subject of today’s vote.

**  Update – 2 **

Well that certainly didn’t take long. See this in the press? I doubt it. Diane Fienstien has already inserted a amendment to S-679 Called SA 711 It is an EXPANSION of the 1994 Assault weapons ban. It’s too lengthy to post here but Here is link to the text of the language of SA711 And the other amendments.

Assault weapons ban of 2013



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