As the ever diligent and tireless Imperial Staff has been keeping you well up to date on, the natives are getting restless, the Browncoats are getting louder in their warnings to the federal tyrants and their minions, yet the ProgNazis and their RINO collaborators — a word to the latter: historically, no matter how brutal the revenge upon the instigators after a successful insurgency, the treatment that their collaborators got was invariably orders of magnitudes more merciless. Enemies are enemies, collaborators are treasonous backstabbers. You might want to at least think about that — keep pushing right on.

More and more firearms and ammunition manufacturers are joining the ranks of those who refuse to serve traitors to the Constitution (Beretta being one of them, for crying out loud!), we understand that their number is now up to close to 200 with no signs of slowing down, more and more local LE departments are declaring that they will not, under any circumstances, assist the federal tyrants in DC in violating their citizens’ unalienable rights, some have even gone so far as to declare that they will, further, arrest and prosecute any federal agents trying to do so in their jurisdictions, thousands, tens of thousands of patriots are speaking up openly, stating that they WILL NOT COMPLY ON PAIN OF DEATH with an enemy overthrow of our nation’s supreme law, yet the mindless, power mad tyrants in Moscow on the Potomac press on regardless as do, sadly, too many state governments across the nation, thinking that they’re doing What the People Want™, convinced by their own press and manufactured polls.

They’re in for one heck of a surprise.

Or maybe they want it that way, it really doesn’t matter to us one tiny little bit at this point.

We know that our ProgNazi enemies, emboldened by the lamentable lack of counteroffensives from patriots during the decades they spent undermining our nation’s foundations, can smell victory. They see the brass ring ahead of them. All that they and their communist forbears worked for seems to be within reach, now is their time, this is their moment, this is what they’ve been waiting for.

So they’re not going to let up this close to the finish line, especially not now that they have convinced themselves that they will cross it alive.

They, like innumerable wannabe fanatics before them in history, have convinced themselves that they cannot fail, that they’re on the cusp of total victory, and nothing but sudden death will convince them otherwise. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. Just one more push on the Eastern Front and the war will be won. Surround Bastogne and the enemy lines will crumble.

So we know that we’re shouting into the wind here, but honor requires that we warn our enemy before conflict is inevitable. Do not grant them the gift of being able to say as they’re rounded up and marched to the scaffolds that “they couldn’t possibly have known.” If they choose to ignore that warning, and they will, we know that by now, then so be it. But the gauntlet must be thrown.

Enemies of We the People and the Constitution of the United States of America to which we swore an unbreakable oath: You are entering territory that is not uncharted, you would know if you’d ever bothered to take a break from licking each others balls and read a few books, but it is fraught with danger, horror, tragedy and pain. You will not emerge from that territory unscathed and, if G-d be truly on our side, you will not emerge at all except to be hanged from the nearest utility posts.

And when we say “you”, we would like to remind you that we mean all of you. You, ProgNazi reading this while laughing to yourself at the bluster and bravado of this silly Internet blowhard, may think yourself safe, ensconced behind all of the paramilitary protection that the Enemy Occupation Force that you’ve built can provide. But can you say the same about everybody that you love and care about? Can you say the same about everything that you love and care about? And can you even say that said wall against the inevitable consequences of your own lust for power that obviously overrides the oath that you, with lies in your heart and treason on your mind, made when you made it to DC, that said wall can protect you 24/7? Every minute of every day for the rest of your lives.

Can you? Because if you think you can, then you’re deluding yourself.

You see, you don’t understand how this whole “asymmetric warfare” thingamajig that you love to talk about on TeeVee to sound smarterer than the proles really works. You think that it’s just a domestic version of the grand battles that you’ve read about in history books about traditional wars and that you’ll be safely hidden behind your lines with the enemies on the other side of those line. Those are international wars, and they bear no resemblance whatsoever to an intranational war, which is what you’ll be facing.

There are numerous examples to choose from, but we’d suggest that you just pick up a book about the Balkans. That describes it quite well. Or you could pick the Revolutionary War, but it’s obvious to us by now that you really couldn’t care less about that particular war which birthed a Constitution that you swore, impatiently, an oath to during a lot of pomp and circumstance, wishing that they’d just get it over with already so you could get on to taking bribes and sodomizing underage interns.

Here are a few pointers, just to get you started:

1) You won’t know who is your enemy and who is your friend. The person who might put a bullet in the back of your head tomorrow could be your neighbor or could be standing in line ahead of you, right now, at the grocery store.

2) Even if you yourself are safe, those you care about won’t be. Ironically, the more solidly you build the wall to protect yourself against the consequences of your own treason, the more likely you make it that retaliation will strike somebody else that you love. If we can’t get to you, then we’ll get to somebody or something you love.

3) Everything you depend on in your daily life, right down to stuff you don’t even think about right now, everything, was either built by or maintained by people who might just hate your guts. You like to have the lights on in your house? Don’t count on it staying on. The people who built the power plant know how to destroy it. The car you drive? The mechanic fixing it might just be a patriot adding a few “extra features” to it before he hands you back the keys. Just a few examples. We’re sure you can come up with many more if you sit down and think about things that you depend on others to provide for you. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE MIGHT BE SOMEBODY WHO WANTS YOU DEAD. Actually, you might not want to think about that at all. But you should.

4) Your enemies, We the People, those of us who believe in the Constitution and know our responsibility to it, are far more numerous than you think. And we’re everywhere. And we don’t wear uniforms so you can easily identify us. Nor will we identify ourselves. No, we will NOT allow ourselves to be gunned down in encounters we cannot possibly hope to prevail in. Instead, we will “meekly submit” for the cameras and then go home to plot your destruction. And we will do so. The more you stump on us, the more you force us to endure humiliation in order to live to fight another day on OUR terms, the deeper our hatred will burrow and the less of a fuck we will care when an opening presents itself to make you wish that you had never been born.

5) A lot of us went through military training. We are MUCH better equipped, mentally, to handle the kind of situation that you’re FORCING upon us than your mall ninjas, no matter how much you try to buy up all of the “latest and greatest” military equipment for them. Equipment alone doesn’t win the battle. Look up “Afghanistan: The Soviet Invasion of” if you doubt us. Moreover, we’re all bound to an oath that we, unlike you, took seriously when we made it. We’re all trained, finely honed, to focus on the mission and our honor, second to absolutely nothing else. And we’re supremely well equipped to train those of our fellow patriots who didn’t go through that. Just ask the Egyptians, Syrians et al how they fared about the Israelis in 1947 when the pisslamists were armed to the teeth against a bunch of rag tag Jews. Or ask, if you could, our Founding Fathers who went up against, and DEFEATED, the world’s most preeminent military power with “nothing but a bunch of armed peasants.”

6) A lot of us, don’t you just love “The Melting Pot?”, come from countries where we experienced just what you are trying right up front and personal, and we experienced it at the hands of tyrants who were a heck of a lot more experienced and powerful that you are, yet they still failed. They’d memorized and internalized everything there is to know about how to subjugate and enslave a people while you idiots were still jacking off to Saul Alinsky, yet they still failed. You think you’re better than them? Best of luck. You read the book, they WROTE IT. Your systems will be undermined by people much more experienced than you from day one, fuck we’re already doing it right now because we know where this train is headed, and you dilettante fuckheads can’t come up with anything that we haven’t seen a hundred times worse before. Yet we’re still standing, aren’t we?

Those are just a few bullet points. There are many, many more.

Do you morons think that you have it in you to live the rest of your lives with one eye open, even when you sleep, knowing that everything you care about is a target, just to fuck with your minds.

Do you?

Think again.

For the love of all that’s good and holy, think again.

Because you’re not giving us any choice here.

For your own sakes, we already have established that you don’t give a single used fuck about anybody other than yourselves, give us that choice.

If not, you own it now. You have been warned. From this point out, every death, every tragedy, every single drop of blood is on your hands. You had the choice, you chose to ignore it. And anything from here on out is your responsibility.

Oh, you can lash out in anger and slap us in irons, you can kill us even, but millions will pick up for us. We don’t care. We. Don’t. Care.

The mission is everything, and our mission is to preserve, uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign AND domestic, so help us G-d.

You puny, self-absorbed, corrupt assholes don’t even figure in that equation.

You have a choice. YOU have a choice. Choose poorly, and the consequences will be on YOU, and your punishment will be the stuff that horror stories are made of.

Choose wisely.

It’s ON.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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