Google – We all use it  – don’t be shy admit it.

It’s mysterious wonders and ability to find – well just about everything from home improvement tips to some of the most weird crap imaginable is pretty amazing.

So being across the Pond – I’ve been watching old Google these past few days, and I’ve noticed it has been tailored to the Arabic Culture for the most part. Guess no harm in that now is there?

The cute little graphics 2 days ago had some Dead Persian dude  600 some odd years old Happy Birthday – whatever.

The next day – something about …I don’t know I forget but it was singularly so not impressive I data dumped what ever it was from my memory in less than 24 hours.

Today I have no clue what they are trying to display it’s a bunch of squares and when you mouse over it, the description reads in …Arabic… So I don’t know …I don’t really care to be honest.

But then I thought – well I wonder – what’s Google showing on their cute little graphics in the US?  So curiosity kindled ….I’ve tried to hand jam in the HTTP and IP address for a look but it automatically re-directs me to the version.

What’s it show in the US Pups? I’m curious – there’s a reason I want to know – and I’ll relate that later…

Just tell me what the Graphics on the mighty Google Search Page shows you…

And oh…. At risk of getting my hands slapped for being overly loose with the keys to the liquor cabinet here about – Consider this a Friday Open Thread …..Gladiator…I know you’re chomping at the bit for one.







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