Morning Rotties!

Since I am off in the environs of the sand – multiple time zones ahead of the majority of the Empire’s Citizens here I sit with my morning coffee – it’s 5-ish – and in case you’re wondering no I don’t sleep much – but here I am slaving over my keyboard so the dawgs have something to chew on when they are rubbing the boogers out of their eyes in the AM…..Ah the Empire is blessed …or cursed, as the case may be – jury’s still out on that one I suppose.

As I pursued the web this little Gem caught my eye…

TSA Detains 3-year-old in Wheelchair

And I thought – “well there’s a shocking turn of event’s the TSA would never violate someone’s, especially a 3 year old child’s rights….Oh wait – never mind”.

The article itself is enough to bring my blood to a boil no doubt about it – as a “frequently fu*ked flyer” who’s in the air at least half a dozen times a year – I’m no stranger in dealing with these TSA retards.

Yes Retards – I said it and I meant it,  Shara Palin will just have to forgive my knuckle dragging ass …..and so far I ain’t met a one yet that didn’t seem to have a family tree with no branches or the IQ above that of a dead person. In fact I respect the dead person more, they are certainly more personable  – and because the TSA is wholly staffed by rejects from the cast of  “Night of the Living Dead” , and I hate Zombies.

Alas curse my weakness,  as with anything out there on the web – I’ve got this compulsion – I just have to look through the comments.  It’s like watching a bad train wreck or people slowing down at the scene of a wreck on the interstate, rubber necking fools looking for the blood and carnage… (Also see “watching NASCAR”) but it’s the same principle.

Well it didn’t take long for the first clue bereft Idiotraian to pop his head up like a damn gopher on the fruited plains.

The gopher by the name of Brendan squeaked out in response to someone mentioning that “all of the terrorists and attempted terror perpetrators have been muslim men ages 21-35 of middle eastern descent.”

Define “act of terror”. I guarantee you plenty of non-Muslims have committed “acts of terror” on a flight. How can you even tell a person’s religion simply by looking at them?

Where’s that damn clue bat at….ah here it is. Let’s see – flying two planes into buildings in NYC; act of terror – Hijacking a third and forth and turning them into guided missiles; act of terror..any of this  ring a bell sunshine? Those are act’s of terror….Not enough proof for you then ? Try this for a definition …

  • Lockerbee Bombing – Muslim,
  • Fed-Ex plane infested with IED’s in printer cartridges – Muslim,
  • Shoe Bomber – Muslim.
  • Underwear Bomber – Muslim.
  • US Marine Barracks Lebanon – Muslim.
  • USS Cole – Muslim.
  • DC Sniper – Muslim.
  • Alabama Recruiting Center Shooting – Muslim
  • Ft Hood Massacre – Muslim

Despite Obama’s rewriting history on Fort Hood and calling it ‘workplace violence’ it was an act of terror….Need we continue here? See any patterns Brenda – er Brendan ?

As to your assertion that non-Muslims have committed acts of terror on a flight – I’m sure they have – maybe 40 years ago- I think I remember something about the FARC in Columbia or other leftist jackals  hijacking planes  – since then? Not so much. In fact it’s been like watching the “All Muslim all the time” channel on TV …but nice strawman – here’s a match. You can burn it down or I will – your choice.

Profiling – Can we put that to fucking bed already? Seriously. Passport says Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, etc etc? – step over here please.

Profile the poor dears…endlessly….Maybe when enough ‘peaceful Muslims’ Get harassed half to fucking death by TSA jack booted high-school flunkies like a 3 year old disabled AMERICAN child in a wheelchair  they’ll finally stand up and start taking their religion back from the Whabbi nut cases.

Oh but it gets better – doubling down on stupid he goes on to spit this gem of PC wisdom:

I’m not by any means condoning the actions of the TSA in this scenario. The agents were clearly overzealous. However, I fail to see how this story in any way, shape, or form would cause anybody to bring up Muslims.

How very magnanimous of you – no really. Actually, maybe come to to think of it gopher boy – you’re stuck on fucking stupid. “I’m not condoning the TSA”…Uh-huh great, Because if he had, I might have had to go punch him in the head. And man that’s a long way to fly just to punch someone in the head.

But wait – there’s More! Another gopher named Stephen pops up – Geeze! it’s like that old carnival game ‘whack -a-mole’ all of a sudden! And this one DOES condone the TSA.

it is necessary. We are a safer country because TSA is NOT predictable. Once they are, the rag heads start using small children to get through security. I felt bad for the child the mother was a nut job. All this drama over a quick screening, could have been handled much better. Just an agent doing their job. Agent does not want to be recorded doing her job, not right to subject her to it. Stand there witness it and smack the crap out of her if she does something illegal. A pat down is not illegal. When you resist your going to really raise the eyebrows. It’s just part of travel. Deal with it or drive. Sad our country has to do this, but I would rather subject innocent people to this than have Sept 11th happen all over again. I travel every week, it sucks! But I deal with it, because it makes a difference.


Ah – the old Safety Meme is it? Just an agent doing their job, where have we heard that one before – Oh yeah The Nazis…Idiot …just let’s forget that pesky 4TH Amendment here while we’re at it. It’s not like a couple hundred thousand warriors you couldn’t carry water for gave up their lives so idiotic annoying transsexual-gophers like you can pop your heads out of your holes and steal perfectly good oxygen now is it? Where’s my .22 varmint gun….

I can’t even fisk this one – I can’t… I would be heading to the airport and flying home by time I got done and looking to play Whack-a-mole – or gopher, as the case may be. With a double bladed axe.

This is a yet another typical knee jerk reaction a lot of American’s seem to have in regards to the TSA’s wanton abuse of their rights. They simply refuse to recognize the threat to themselves or our liberty that the TSA And Federal Government poses. There’s an absolute disconnect in the ability to connect the dots here for the gophers like Stephan.

In the end ….As Ben Franklin said : They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Of course, gophers like these two can’t be bothered to think about that – they’ll just pop their furry little head out of some little hole and squeak what ever politically correct or “it’s for your safety” nonsense they’ve accepted as gospel.

Enjoy your day pups!!




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