So – Handed the keys to this shiny and sexy machine called the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler earlier today – I careened home through the desert in my SUV – O -DOOM at high rates of speed… Hey I can do that – gas is 80 cents a gallon over here, and after stomping on Mother Gaias’ ample ass with my oversize carbon footprint ….I couldn’t wait ! Man – I was going to blog something fantastic !

Well I got home, plugged in the trusty laptop and turned the key – and guess what ? Nutin’…dead silence…. no screaming musepower erupted to shake the rafters and strike fear in the hearts of mere mortals…well shit.

So somewhat perplexed…I made coffee, checked the oil, kicked the tires….and I mused and I daydreamed, and still nothing – then it dawned on me- “Dude you got stage fright!” And I do.

– Oh I know – “you’ve been posting here forever – you got your own blog – quit being a pussy!!11!!”

But if anyone thinks that the stuff these guys find to write about is easy; especially the way they do it…let me tell you it ain’t.

I guess I can whip out something on my little old blog and – really truth be told….. it never goes anywhere – it gradually gets sent further down in the cue and a comment here a comment there is about all I see. It’s an echo chamber.

Compared to this place well that blog is sort of – it’s safe mostly… a place where possibly thousands of people aren’t going to look at it and say – “WTFO Emperor!!??!? … this dude is whacked – call the men with the white coats – he’s over the rainbow coo-coo for coco puffs….” And start sending hate mail calling for my head on a pike outside the palace gates..I can see it now – virtual rotten tomatoes and spoiled cabbage flying my way….The howls of laughter from the Imperial Overlords ….*shudder*

This place isn’t like my little blog about an old car and some gun stuff at all – there’s more hits in a day here than my little site would see in a month – maybe 2 or 3 – so yeah I got me a case of the stage fright. It sobering to contemplate.

Then there’s the boss… Something was said – something about flying a cargo plan full of rubber dog shit to Hong Kong through a hail of Imperial SAM’s if I screwed this up – or was that a movie? No pressure tho…right?

So as I mulled over this problem – I sipped my java and I stared at the fish. Yeah I got fish – I rented a furnished flat over here in the sand pit when I returned, and it came complete right down to this 150 gallon monstrosity of a tank populated with Koi and some other odd orange angel fish looking things. No clue what they are called.

It’s quite the set up – but hey I didn’t pay for it so kudos to the previous tenant. I feed them twice a day – and they …well they swim around in their little water world – totally oblivious to the fact that their lives are in the hands of a maniac deathbeast conservative …Er I mean  compassionate animal loving tree hugging ….

Then it dawned on me – those fish remind me of something….something about them being 100% dependent on another entity for their survival. Oh yeah that would be the 47% out there ….dependent on the whims of slimy politicians – suckered into thinking those same politicians give a rats ass about them or their families because they hand out food stamps and a pittance in cash every month….and sadly unlike the fish here who have an excuse, they were captured or bred into captivity after all..The 47% are voting for it. Sometimes more than once even…

They keep right on voting for the scraps and the handouts of their chain holders….and like those fish – they are utterly unaware of the fact their very survival depends on the largess of government. Or in the fishes case – me. In either case they are well and truly screwed…in fact I give the fish the better chances, as long as I don’t forget to feed them that is and my memory ain’t all that good ……






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