Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer who is suspected to have killed four people in less than a week, could have ended his own life, according to US officers. Kevin Lacy, San Bernardino sheriff’s captain, speaks on Friday to confirm a body found in a burnt out cabin in a Los Angeles forest was that of Dorner and that he died from a bullet to the head. Lacy says the information ‘seems to indicate that the wound that took Christiopher Dorner’s life was self-inflicted’

ID was by dental records, which is SOP in a case where the body has been extensively burned. Autopsy results state cause of death was single gunshot to the head.

Rather than face justice, this murdering coward took his own life.

I would ask that all Rotties, regardless of their opinion of Dorner, bow their head in prayer for the slain, and a moment of remembrance for the families of those whose lives were brutally cut short by this maniac. Dorner’s life is over…but the families of those he killed face a lifetime of grief and sorrow.

Monica Quan.
Keith Lawrence.
Officer Michael Crain. Died in the line of duty
(The fourth officers name is not yet available.)

May Almighty God grant them peace, their families healing, may their spirits rest in His hands.


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By LCBren

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