“General Malaise” being the medical catch-all phrase that His Imperial Majesty learned in school for “I don’t know, doc, I just feel blech”, since “patient feels blech” doesn’t look very professional in writing.

Caught ourself a secondary just as soon as we’d triumphantly announced that we’d beaten off the first bug, so off we went to explore the wonders of pharmaceuticals again, the wonders of this particular kind including a sudden and intractable urge to, er, clean out the piping. It’s amazing how fast a meal, if you can get one down to begin with, can travel all the way through the alimentary tract with a bit of aid from Big Pharma, really it is.

Yes, we’re sure you really needed to learn that. We bloody well had to, the hard way, so you have to as well.

Which gave us a most unwelcome opportunity to rekindle our hatred for all things yogurt.

But enough of that. Between feeling utterly miserable and, well, feeling more miserable still, we just couldn’t find it in ourself to give much of a solitary shit, bad choice of words we know, about anything, and for that we apologize. So now that we seem to have made it out on the other side, we must admit that we really don’t know much of what’s been going on.

Other than learning that Boy King O-retard and Senator Feinschwein’s rush to nullify the Second Amendment continues apace. Which doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of happening, of course. Already legislatures and law enforcement officers all over the country are making it abundantly clear that the feds are going to have to enforce such a thing themselves, and they won’t be allowed to do that either. We find that massively encouraging. We really hated the thought of having to, ahem, “resist” our local officers Friendlies, should they come calling while “only follovink orderz.” We doubted very much that such a thing would happen, but we knew what we’d have to do if it did, and we didn’t find that very palatable. We happen to like our Boys in Blue.

So let Brrarrrfffh Hussein Obutthole and his cohorts bring it if they feel that they must. We might as well get this nonsense over with. Clear the air and clean the nation, so to speak.

Now, back to bed. We have about a week’s worth of sleep to catch up on.

Thanks for hanging around if you’re reading this. This, too, shall pass.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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