In between the hacking and consumption of larger quantities of dextromethorpan, pseudoephedrine etc than can possibly be good for you, His Imperial Majesty did find the time to watch King George, er, Barrack Hussein, present his latest attempt to violate the Constitution through executive order and what a flop that was. Lots of sound and fury, signifying nothing whatsoever.

We did find him ass-raping the corpses of six-year-olds in full public view quite disgusting and distracting, though. Call us weird if you like, but we don’t find the abuse of children, much less their corpses, particularly endearing, but obviously that’s how the Democrat National Socialist Workers’ Party rolls. Just look into the history of anybody with a “D” after their names.

The “respect for the person” bit went out of the window quite a bit of time ago, but we’re finding it increasingly hard to even “respect the office” anymore. How can you respect an office that the nation allows a narcissistic tyrant to sit in? Of course, that wouldn’t be an issue if the GOP had the combined testicles of a mosquito but they don’t, being forever in love with Weepy Boner who never met a Marxist he didn’t want to suck the schlong of and then proclaim it a “victory” for conservatism.

Useless, the whole sorry lot of them. Hang them all and let G-d sort them out.

Just a few random thoughts.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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