Hey pups, we’ve got a brother in need. Light29ID has run into a rough spot. To summarize, he’s been unemployed since 2009 and supporting his 84 year old blind mother as best as he can. He’s run into some trouble with his bank and his account is frozen until he can square it with them.

So here’s the deal, we can help him in three ways.

1. He needs cash. Hit the tip jar on the sidebar and put Light29ID in the memo section. Misha and I will ensure it gets to him.

2. If you’re looking for some good 5.56 ammo, he’s put some up for sale here.

3. If you know of anyone looking for a planner/scheduler/controller specialist in the Northern Virginia area, get in touch with me ASAP.

As always, thank you.


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By LC 0311 Sir Crunchie I.M.H., K.o.E.

Former USMC infantryman, proud father of a current USMC infantryman and two Princesses who know what that means. Currently an NRA law enforcement firearms instructor, radar instructor, CPR instructor, a few others but you get the point. Catholic, conservative, heterosexual, gun owner, anything I can do to piss off liberals.

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