So this is what Dianne “Hitler” Feinschwein has been cooking up while dancing in the blood of Connecticut kindergarteners (thanks, LC Ginghis, for letting us know).

No, it’s not “just” a re-enactment of the utterly ineffectual and even more utterly un-Constitutional “scary weapons ban”, it goes so, so much further.

We won’t go through the details, they’re at the link, but a fair summary would be that the rancid, totalitarian Demofascist twat wants to outlaw just about everything that anybody might want to own but you get to keep what you already do own. Provided, of course, that you submit to voluntary registration of your name, address, photograph, fingerprint and serial number of any and all weapons not banned by Dianne “Endlosung” Feinschwein’s new and improved Nazi Weapons Act of 1938, and we all know how well that worked out. For the Germans and, in particular, for the Jews.

That’s what passes for “reasonable restrictions” among the ProgNazis (hiding themselves behind cuddly labels such as “liberal” and “Democrat”).

We’re only surprised that the rancid cunt didn’t also insist on the involuntary implant of a GPS tracker in all owners of those firearms so “generously” grandfathered by the benevolent Gestapo.

Of course, you do realize that if you decide to keep your weapon but do not submit to the demand for you to be photographed and fingerprinted for the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party’s “Naughty List”, then you automatically become a felon, don’t you?

But not to worry. Said list will never, ever be used for anything along the lines of providing the Gestapo with a handy shopping list for when total disarmament is to occur. Nosirree. No way, no how. Because shut up, wingnut.

The Reich only has your best interests at heart!

Obviously, the loathsome swine’s overreach all but guarantees that her proposal won’t ever make it to a vote but, then again, knowing what we’ve all learned about Comrade Petukh Hussein Ogabe over four long years of oppression, the law of the land and niceties of our Constitutional method of government doesn’t really mean all that much to him and his brownshirts. So who knows.

So listen up, Dianne, you purulent, oozing, totalitarian snatch: You go right ahead and try, why don’t you?

Oh no, we’re not even going to begin to entertain the notion that you and your ProgNazi friends might actually try to enforce this tyrannical power grab yourselves, that would require such qualities as principle, courage and honesty, none of which you’re even passingly familiar with. We know full well that you’ll browbeat, threaten and intimidate others to do it for you (and then of course the few who are already salivating at the thought of putting on jackboots and kicking in doors in the middle of the night), but that doesn’t change the fact that whosoever ends up on the sharp end of that particular spear will get bloodied very severely indeed. A lot of your victims will go along to get along and thus not cause any problems, but a lot won’t, and that will cause a horrendous blood bath.

And all of that, every single casualty in that bloody war, will be on your hands.

Because you started it.

And when the dust settles and your side has lost, and lose you will, none of us who survive will forget just who exactly was ultimately responsible for the needless, senseless blood bath that our nation went through.

You better pray to Satan, the god you worship, that people like His Imperial Majesty aren’t among those survivors trying to clean up the mess you made, because “trial by jury” and “humane punishment” will be just about the last thing on our minds as we wade through the rubble of the nation that you sought to destroy, surveying the damage and burying our dead. Oh no. You will be tortured to death, slowly, to the point where you will be begging for death’s sweet release and it will be denied, over and over again, for as long as medicine and human inventiveness can keep you alive.

And all of the justification we’ll need will be the devastation that you’ve brought upon both sides, upon all of our fellow Americans while you cowardly hid behind them because you didn’t have the guts or even the common decency to lift a finger yourselves.

Our only regret is that we might like it too much.

For decades, those of us who actually oppose and are filled with horror by what went on in Germany from ’33 to ’45, unlike you Democrat National Socialists who have picked up the torch and swore an oath to carry it onwards for the Führer, have speculated just what might have happened to those Nazi animals if the Germans in general and Jews in particular had been armed and refusing to submit.

You keep pushing like you have, you ProgNazi subhuman swine, and we’ll finally find out.

We suspect you might not like those findings.

We know that we won’t give a shit how you feel before you die.

The only good socialist is a dead one.

Now come for us, but bring friends. We like targets and we’d hate to go without sending an honor guard ahead of us before you succeed.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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