Depressing read of the day, in which LC & IB Mike starts counting the ways in which Øbamandias has “failed”.

He’s gotten the first big step towards government health care implemented, and the Republicans are either unwilling or incapable of doing anything at all about it. He’s institutionalized previously unimaginable levels of federal spending, and has the Republicans dithering ineffectually over whether to cut a hundredth of one percent out of it or hold the line at a Draconian tenth of one percent, having conceded without argument that any truly meaningful reduction in the size of the federal government, even back to its Leviathan 2008 status, is just out of the question.

He’s effectively destroyed the domestic oil industry, resulting in gas prices that are around four dollars a gallon and will most likely be approaching five by the end of the summer, just as he said he wanted back during his campaign. He’s running a large chunk of the domestic auto industry and influencing the business decisions of the rest of it through Zombie GM. He’s rewarded his friends on Wall Street and at GE while wrapping their competitors in reams of new red tape, playing the corporate-fascism card to advance his own nefarious agenda.

And it gets worse from there on out.

Again, saying that he has “failed” can only be true if you start from the assumption that he truly is what the pragmatist limp-dicks of the GOP call “a good man” who “loves this country” etc., blah, blather, blech, NONE OF WHICH IS IN EVIDENCE ANYWHERE WHATSOEVER.

If you start, instead, from the assumption that he is exactly what his actions, writings and past suggest that he is, namely a socialist tranzi hell-bent on destroying everything that this nation used to stand for, then his presidency has been a massive success so far.

If you haven’t already, then click on the link above and read Mike’s list. All of it.

He has been offered enormous amounts of aid and comfort from the Make Believe Media who have lied, obfuscated, spun and deflected to hide every single thing he’s actually done as well as a spineless GOP and a horde of nadless “conservative” pundits who fear being called “extreme” or “racist” much more than they give a shit about preserving a nation that used to be free, prosperous, strong and just, dickless suckweasels who beat the retreat at the slightest hint of being called mean names by a coordinated propaganda effort which will call them every bad name in the book regardless of what they do or say.

“Is it considered nobler to suffer in the mind the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or by opposing to end them?”

The “pragmatist” punditry seems to have found a third option to Hamlet’s conundrum: Run for the hills, pissing their pants while giving away the store to the barbarian hordes already inside the gate.

They and the flabby surrender monkeys who were elected on a clear mandate to put on the brakes, no mercy, no surrender, no compromise, and who are now busy forgetting every word they ever said on the campaign trail, just like every other RINO fucknozzle before them.

Stopping the insane, disastrous spending? Oh sure. They’re currently trying to make a deal with Satan the Democrat Socialists to cut $30 billion from the budget, which is not only a bloody joke compared to the $1.6 trillion dollar deficit in it, it’s also quite a bit less than the $100 billion they promised that they’d fight tooth and nail for.

Defunding ØgabeCare, something they actually CAN do since they hold control of the House? Off the table. Defunding the EPA to stop them from enforcing, illegally, a policy that would never get through Congress? Off the table.

Oh well, we guess we can talk about that later, but right now they’re doing diddly squat about it, and that just won’t do, particularly where ØgabeCare is concerned. You see, if that one is not killed, and killed dead right fucking NOW, it’ll be implemented in a couple of years and, as we all know, once a government boondoggle has been implemented, it is never EVER going to go away. Øgabe and the Democrat National Socialists know this and they’re busy running down the clock while the GOP “Tea Party” Freshmen are busy playing with their dicks, hiding under their couches from the horrid, deadly consequences of being the subject of a sneering editorial in the “Volkischer Beobachter” New York Times.

“Can’t we all just get along?”

No, we can’t. The time for “getting along” is long past, and the more the braindead cowards of the GOP try to “get along”, the closer we get to turning into Greece. And when that happens, “getting along” won’t even be in the dictionary anymore because, as scary and destructive as a bunch of Greek rabble armed with canes and loose bricks might be, we rather think that 80 million highly trained and well-armed Americans would be worse.

But should it come to that, and pray to G-d that the GOP discover their communal testicle before that, then we have a list of 535 names that should be the first to the wall, because it will be their responsibility first and foremost that it happened.

As a matter of fact, the ones on the list that count themselves as Republican should be the very first because you can’t really blame the Democrat Socialists for being what they are and acting as such.

Cowards and traitors, on the other hand…


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By Emperor Misha I

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