His Imperial Majesty very much doubts it, no matter how rampant the speculation is after his latest attempt to give Ogabe a bit of what he wants instead of the full 100% failed miserably.

We’re quite relieved, actually, because if he hadn’t failed, we would have heard no end of the orange freak’s claims that he’d won a great victory for conservatism by, once again, refusing to stand on the principles for which it stands. Just as with the debt ceiling surrender, it would be yet another re-run of the old “no, not this one, the next time we’ll stand firm because that’s the important battle!”

We mean, seriously, no matter what you think about “Plan B”, a “leader” who can’t stand up to a preening narcissistic fool with no accomplishments at all in his entire existence isn’t really much of a leader at all, is he?

The time for compromise is long over. It was never here to begin with. In fact, caving on principle time and time again, and that goes back to way before Weepy Boner, it would be unfair to settle him with all of the blame, is exactly why we’re here to begin with. Time and time again it was always the same old tired song from the Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys of the GOP: “Give in to the Democrat Socialists on principle A in return for future unspecified gains on principle B.”

And every single time the outcome was the same, as anybody who has ever spent more than three seconds studying socialists and assorted other totalitarians will know, the gains never occurred.

Good men have fallen for it too. Reagan swallowed it hook, line and sinker when he agreed to amnesty in return for promises that improved immigration control and border security would follow. Which they never did. Or how about the withdrawal from Vietnam in return for promises from the same Democrat Socialists that they would forever support our allies’ struggle to defend themselves? How did that work out for the Vietnamese? No sooner had the last GI left the country than the Democrat Socialists handed over our erstwhile ally to the systematic genocide, rape and oppression typical of their ideological brethren.

Socialists lie. It is what they are, it’s what they do. If you trust a socialist in anything at all, you deserve the knife in your back because of your rampant idiocy. It’s not like you don’t have a full century of data proving the point, so don’t come acting all surprised and hurt when the pain between your ribs turns out to come from a knife inserted between them.

And that’s why “Plan B” was yet another stupid idea from the ever-compromising Weepy Boners of the world, no matter how much they preach about their “half a loaf” being better than none. Because we’d never, EVER get that half a loaf. When was the last time that the Democrat Socialists came through on their promises of future spending cuts? Try “never”, we’ll save you some time that way. But they would, under Weepy Boner’s “Plan B”, get their tax hikes which would hurt the economy. And guess who’d be blamed for that? The tax hikes? Ha! It would be those spending cuts that never materialized or the tax hikes not being large enough because the Democrat Socialists magnanimously “compromised.” In return, the GOP would have caved on their alleged principle of not hiking taxes and we would never hear the end of it in future negotiations. “What do you mean conservatives never want to hike taxes? They did so in [insert year here].”

And thus the GOP would be left, as they are today, as the party without principles. And seriously, who the fuck would ever want to vote for that?

You do not negotiate with socialists, anymore than you negotiate with terrorists, because they are fundamentally the same. Both could care less about the means they employ to attain their disgusting ends, which is total and utter control of everything.

That is why, when the socialists today dance in the blood of murdered children to further wrest liberty from the hands of the American people, they don’t even see that they’re doing anything wrong. Because that is who they are, that is what they DO.

It’s about time that we got some leaders on our side that understood that simple truth, but we’re not exactly hopeful that it’s going to happen while we still suck air.

You can’t fight a rabid dog if the only tool you have is a handful of milk bones. It will eat the milk bones and then rip your throat out. And no amount of wailing about your good intentions and genteel ways in “fighting” it will bring you back from the dead.

We’re not going to insult everybody’s intelligence by forecasting a decisive victory if we, at long last, choose to at least have the courage of our own convictions and actually stand for them for a change, but we can guarantee that defeat, should we meet with it, will be a great deal more bitter tasting if we got there by caving in all the way.

Better to die for something than to live for nothing.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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