And another shout-out to the governor of the fine state in which we live, governor Perry, who knows what’s what and what works:

Perry drew a round of applause when he talked about Harrold, Texas, a community that lets teachers and administrators who are properly permitted and trained to carry weapons on campus.

He said he believes local school districts should be afforded that right, and he supports expanding the places guns can be carried.

“In the state of Texas, if you go through the process, have been trained, and you are a handgun-licensed individual, you should be able to carry a gun anywhere in the state,” Perry said.

We agree, completely.

Others across the country have called for mandatory arming of teachers, but we don’t believe that is the way to go.

To carry or not to carry is a personal decision, and whereas we certainly encourage more law-abiding citizens to do so and rejoice every time another one joins our ranks, we don’t believe the government has any more of an authority to force individuals to do so than they have the authority to take the right to do so away.

Having kids of our own who go to school, we certainly understand why some might insist that there was an armed presence there, but our proposal would then be to assign armed officers to those schools who choose not to “self-arm.” It doesn’t take many. Actually, all it takes is one. If the goblins out there knew that at least one armed individual was present at every school, schools would quickly disappear from their lists of places to commit mayhem.

Remember: Those animals are cowards of the worst kind. Any risk of resistance will make them piss their pants and run the other way.

End Gun Free Zones Unarmed Prey Zones once and for all and put the animals of our nation on notice that they will be shot and killed if they try to pull any shit. And then they’ll be shot again, just to make sure.

It is completely utterly fucking ridiculous that we, with data showing clearly that every single mass shooting but one (the Gabby Giffords shooting) was carried out in those Fish In A Barrel Zones, still have to debate whether or not they’re the problem, and we just flat out refuse to waste our time on idiots who still can’t and won’t see that.

When the correlation between two sets of data is not merely approaching unity, but has reached the point where correlation has built a house right on top of it, put in running water and electricity, started paying property taxes and is having a cold beer on the deck in the back yard, it’s pointless to waste as much as a second trying to “convince” those who still deny the existence of it.

As someone once said: You cannot reason somebody out of a position they’ve reached without using reason at all.

Get rid of those damnable Open Season Zones that cause the deaths of innocents every year and we’ll have come a long way towards actually solving the problem.

People sometimes joke about His Imperial Majesty’s vest that he has to wear when it’s hot to stay in compliance with the law, saying that we might as well have “Shoot Me First” printed on the back and, whereas they do have a point, our reply is usually “maybe, but unlike our schools, we don’t have ‘we guarantee not to shoot back’ printed beneath that.”

End the madness, protect our children.

An armed society is a polite society.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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