Every single time a citizen believing in the oath that he or she swore to the Constitution mentions that the Second Amendment was included to make sure that future generations would always have the means to fight against a future tyranny in the mold of the one that our Founding Fathers had sacrificed everything to defeat, they’re met with the old “you’re paranoid, that could never happen here” canard.

Tell that to the good people of Newtown, CT, just to name one group. Their town was listed as the fifth safest in the nation until last Friday.

“It could never happen here.”

No, not until it does.

History is replete with examples of communities, be they towns, cities, states, nations or otherwise who were perfectly convinced that “it could never happen there.” And then it did. And nobody was prepared because hey, “it can never happen here and if you think so, you’re a dangerous paranoid individual who needs to be ostracized for having such dangerous ideas.”

Maybe it won’t happen here, although even a cursory study of our nation’s trajectory will show you that we’re very likely to hit that point, but as the saying goes: “It’s better to have and not need than to need and not have.” In the former case you’re just a fool wasting money on something you never needed, much like the “fool” who pays for homeowner’s insurance only to die without his house having ever burned down. Not quite as pathetic as the fool who refused to spend that money only to find himself homeless after his house burned down the next week.

It’s not “alarmist” to be prepared, because bad shit does happen to good people. It’s just common sense.

When His Imperial Majesty insists on maintaining the means of defense that he needs against the unspeakable, it’s not because he’s salivating at the prospect of leading the next Civil War. There really aren’t very many things that we want less than that. It’s because he doesn’t want to be caught flat-footed if it does happen. If we never need our personal arsenal, we’ll be the happiest fool on earth. But we also believe that letting your prospective enemy know that any attack will be very costly not only furthers our personal chances of surviving, it might just discourage that same prospective enemy from starting the shit in the first place. Thus everybody wins. Both ourself as well as the ones who just want to be left the fuck alone but don’t want to arm themselves in order to protect that basic human right. And all of the innocent bystanders who won’t be caught in the crossfire of a war that never started.

And then we learn, time and time again, that we’re not in the least bit paranoid.

As when Democrat Fascists like John Carru-something-or-other-virus, a precinct committeeman in Bay Area Houston, declares that he wants to brutally murder anybody who disagrees with him.

On Sunday, we reported that liberals on Twitter called for the murder of NRA members. One of those making the calls was identified Sunday as John Cobarruvias, a blogger, Democratic precinct chairman in the Houston area and a member of the Texas Democratic Executive Committee.

“Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?” he tweeted.

I AM the NRA, and I don’t take kindly to somebody encouraging people to murder me and leave my kids fatherless. Not to mention that I fail to see how murdering me will in any way undo the unspeakable evil of one dickless loser coward in Connecticut who murdered 20 innocent little angels.

So tell me, Democrat murderer Curruvirus or whatever the fuck your name is, what exactly have I done to deserve to be murdered? Why would the world be better off if my boys were to grow up without a father who has never harmed anybody? Why should my wife be a widow? What crime am I guilty of, other than the crime of disagreeing with you?

And why the FUCK should I assume that you and your thuggish, totalitarian party are NOT a threat to me and mine, now that you have openly declared that I should be murdered?

It seems to me that I now, more than ever before where I, quite honestly, didn’t give it all that much thought, should be worried that you and yours might show up one night to murder me. After all, you’ve openly declared your intent to do so. If not yourself, that is rarely the case with dickless cowards like you, then somebody else doing your bidding.

Thanks to YOU, I need weapons more than ever. You just put a hit out on me, and I don’t take that kind of shit lightly. When somebody threatens to kill you, you’d damn well better take it seriously.

So tell your friends, because I know that you, being a leftist swine, will never have the guts to make good on your own obvious threats, that they ought to bring friends. And body bags. Because they won’t all be going home afterwards.

But before you have your drones murder me and my family, I would really like to know what exactly I’m guilty of.

And pray that I don’t survive that encounter with your goons, because if I DO, then I’ll be coming for you and yours. And I’m willing to bet you that I’m a fuckload better at that than your barely literate orangutans are. The Royal Army spent a lot of dough on making sure of that.

You obviously want war (as long as somebody else has to fight it, which makes you no less of a coward than the beast in Connecticut who couldn’t even face somebody old enough to do their multiplication tables). I don’t. You’re a barely sentient piece of shit, but you don’t deserve to die because of that. I’m different from you there. You’d rather murder those you disagree with than ever have to debate them. I get that. You’re a pussy. You probably breast fed until you were 15, in between fucking your mother because she was the only female who wouldn’t beat you to shit.

But if you insist on war, you can have it. You won’t survive it. I can promise you that. And you’ll die having never known a pussy other than your mother’s. Which isn’t that much to begin with. It’s like throwing a broomstick into a gym, but I was drunk that night and it was that or boning her neighbor’s dog. I sort of wish I’d gone for the dog instead. Her calling out your name every five seconds, crying for you to fuck her hard was quite disconcerting, but I guess that’s how it goes in your family.

Bottom line, you worthless fuck, is that you just made it abundantly clear why people like me need weapons to defend ourselves against psychopaths like you. Good thing we’ve got them.

We’re ready for you. Anytime, motherfucker, anytime.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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