And thanks to LC maxxdog for pointing out yet another example of a leftist asshat speaking out the terminal end of his alimentary tract.

When we first collected much of the following data, it was after the Aurora, Colo., shootings, and the air was thick with calls to avoid “politicizing” the tragedy. That is code, essentially, for “don’t talk about reforming our gun-control laws.”

No, you fuckwad. It’s “code” for “if we’re going to talk about this, could we at least wait until the bodies are cold before we start waving bloody t-shirts around?”

Let’s be clear: That is a form of politicization. When political actors construct a political argument that threatens political consequences if other political actors pursue a certain political outcome, that is, almost by definition, a politicization of the issue. It’s just a form of politicization favoring those who prefer the status quo to stricter gun-control laws.

Let’s be even clearer: That “let’s be clear” is perhaps the least clear atrocity committed upon the English language that we’ve read since last we tried wading through a Puffington Host article.

Let us go over it one more time, and please do sound out the words as you read along, Ezra. We’ve been told it aids comprehension in the sub-moronic set. You, and other leftist totalitarians like you, don’t want a “discussion.” You want to cover yourselves in the blood of the victims and advance one point and one point only, which is yours. You do NOT want to talk about “how to prevent atrocities like that from happening”, you want to start a long sermon about how you are right and why everybody should just agree with you right the fuck now because otherwise they hate Teh Children™ and who can argue with the Absolute Moral Authority that you think that you have from behaving like despicable ghouls.

You don’t want to debate, consult, confer or otherwise have a meaningful debate on how we can prevent horrors like Sandy Hook from happening again. You just want to win a debate for once in your miserable life, and if that means wrapping yourself in the still steaming guts of a bunch of massacred infants, then so be it.

You want to really talk? Fine. Let’s talk.

Your solution: Punish everybody who didn’t and never will commit such a horrible crime against humanity by taking their means of self-defense away from them.

Our solution: Make even more people capable of defending themselves and others when another loser beast like whatshisface decides that it’s Open Season. We’ve tried your way, which was to declare certain areas in our nation such as schools, schools for crying out loud, free fire, no resistance, have at it, you crazed monsters, you’ll meet no resistance here zones. It hasn’t worked out all that well, has it? Twenty sets of parents won’t be tucking their babies in ever again because of your latest “success story.”

Time to try a new approach. And since we’re not a “progressive”, we like to go with approaches that have a proven track record of success rather than unicorn dreams of Skittle farts, such as making sure that future insane beasts from Hell know that they will be met with determined, trained and well-armed resistance should they ever get the really bad idea of trying to commit mass murder.

Your approach has a success rate of exactly zero. Ours, while not perfect, there are no guarantees in life, at least has a success rate that is positive.

Do you still want to have that debate, you simpering jackal, you sniveling toad for your totalitarian leftist masters? Do you? No, we didn’t think so either.

But we DO want to have that debate. WE just don’t want to have it right now, while emotions are running high and, more importantly, while an untold number of people are dealing with more pain than any human being should ever have to deal with. The issue will still be here in two weeks. We can wait. Obviously, you and yours can’t. Because you know full and well that the best time for making piss poor decisions is when you’re still deep in the throes of emotion and pain. If you want to push an irrational agenda, the best time to do so is when people are not thinking rationally. And nobody can be rational when the memory of 20 innocent little angels brutally murdered is fresh in their mind.

This is your time and you know it, and that is why you want to discuss it right now.

Never let a good crisis go to waste, right?

You soulless monsters.

Because, let’s be honest, you never gave two good shits about those kids. When you push your “take all guns away from everybody” agenda, it’s not because you really care a flying fuck about the dead kids, it’s not even because you believe for a fleeting second that depriving law-abiding citizens who have never done anything wrong is going to stop the next murderer. Just ask Norway how well that worked out for them. They have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world. Does the name Anders Breivik ring a bell? You want to talk about massacring children? Google it, fuckhead. It makes Sandy Hook look like a traffic stop.

No, it’s because you’re beginning to realize that you missed one critical step in the march towards total statist control, and that is disarming the populace. Deprive them of their means to defend themselves against anything and they will HAVE to depend on the Almighty State for everything. Furthermore, they will no longer be a threat to the Almighty State. It’s bloody hard to herd the dissidents into cattle cars if they’re all armed with AR-15s, isn’t it?

So fuck you, you slimy totalitarian turd.

I have never, nor will I ever, harm anybody who doesn’t need to be harmed, and I will do everything that I can safely do to avoid having to reach the point where I even have to harm him or her. You would be well served if I or somebody like me happened to be around if somebody wanted to do you harm, because I would not allow it.

Yet your only proposal is to take my means of defending myself, mine and others away from me? Fuck you again. You might succeed at that, but there will be a price to pay, and the shackles you put on me will be put on a cold corpse. Not much to be gained there.

Mass murdering psychopaths will always be among us, some individuals are broken and can’t be fixed, and no amount of legislation is going to fix them. If you’ve already made your mind up to slaughter 20 6-year-old little darlings, there is no fucking law that you demented totalitarians can think up that can stop it.

But a well-aimed double-tap to center mass followed up with one to the noggin just might do the trick.

Better pray that, should you ever happen to find yourself in such a situation, which I hope you never will, somebody who can perform that little trick is in your immediate neighborhood.

In the meantime, kindly refrain from punishing me for something I did not do and will not ever do, or there WILL be blood. To quote your fellow leftist thugs.

Now go grow up, Ezra. Then come back when you’ve grown a brain.


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