We’ve just learned that one or more maniacs went on a shooting rampage at an elementary school in Connecticut.


Fatalities so far reported as being in the twenties, almost 20 of them children. ELEMENTARY school children.

We simply have no words. And in a way we’re glad that we don’t, because we’re not sure that we want to be able to understand what makes a demon in human form do such a horrible thing. Not on any level. We’re not even sure that we want to be part of a world in which such a thing is even possible.

Our prayers, of course, go out to the loved ones of the victims, whose pain we cannot even begin to imagine.

And something else entirely goes out to that vile, disgusting mountain of human flubber, David Frum, who couldn’t even wait for the families of the victims to be notified before he sent out this:

You filthy, oozing chancre on the butt of humanity, you just may have topped every instance of douchebaggery we’ve yet seen.

Enjoy your fame, fuckweasel, enjoy it.

Then do humanity a favor and go die in a fucking fire.


UPDATE: Our sestrichka, Nicki, whom we’ve always been proud and honored to share a brain, soul, heart or whatever you choose to call it with, has the exact same reaction.


The shooter is dead, according to police, and the school is now secure.

Questions remain, however. Who would want to kill little kids?

Not WHO, sestrichka, WHAT? Because the perp(s) have nothing, NOTHING in common with human beings.

I weep for those kids and their loved ones, and it steels my resolve to do bad things to bad “people.” This isn’t, shouldn’t be political. This is about basic humanity or the lack thereof.

UPDATE the Second: I’m with Ace here regarding how the news should or, more importanly, shouldn’t cover the loser animal scumbag that was a complete utter fucking FAIL at life to the point where it would cold-bloodedly murder defenseless children (the only individuals it could find that didn’t have a 120% chance of kicking its worthless arse).

I’m going to go against my political team, here– although conservatives often say “Label evil as what it is, Evil, and leave therapy and psychology out of it,” I’m going to say No, not in these instances. Because Evil (notice the capital letter E) is powerful in these sad losers’ imaginations, and they want to be called the Big Scary Man, the Shadow That Menaces At Midnight.

For an impotent, weak, ineffectual man, that is an attractive fantasy.

Correct on all counts, except for one minor quibble: When I reject the whole therapy and psychology angle and firmly stand by calling Evil by its name, it’s not just because Evil deserves to be labeled as such, it’s because the whole “he sat on a cold potty as a child” narrative inevitably leads to “he was a victim of circumstances” and a wholly inappropriate focus on what “made” him do what he did. In other words: excuses.

There ARE no “excuses” for this or any other actions made by individuals. What you DO, you OWN. I say that as somebody who has made a number of really stupid decisions in my life (though none even approaching this level of atrociousness and I pray, should I ever lose my everloving fricking mind to the point where that might even be a possibility, somebody who cares about me would do me the favour of putting a bullet in my brain group housing first), most of which I’d like to say wasn’t because I was a complete and utter idiot, there was a reason why I ended up making those mistakes, but that doesn’t EXCUSE my actions. My actions are not undone because of there being some reason, however understandable, that I fucking lost my mind and behaved idiotically. I OWN those mistakes and making up for them, making restitution for them, is MY responsibility and I’d like to say that I’ve done so to the best of my ability whenever it has happened. But there are no “excuses.” Or, as my beloved, hard-nosed, unforgiving Sar’ Major used to say: “There’s only ONE kind of excuse, and that’s a BAD one.”

And that’s why I reject the soul-searching bullshit about “what made him do it?” Nothing “made” him do it. He did it. He owns that, nobody and nothing else.

But Ace is very much right when he points out that this shouldn’t keep anybody from portraying the soulless monster as the limp-dicked, pathetic, loser piece of rancid shit that he was, rather than some larger than life monster who went out in a blaze of glory. Because that is exactly what this kind of monster wants. The kind of monster that would do this kind of thing knows already, with every fiber of its being, that it is a colossal, massive, useless failure, a pimple on the face of humanity, a skid mark in the underwear of homo sapiens, a perpetual loser utterly unable to accomplish anything at all, and doing what this particular shitstain did is just about the only thing it is capable of in order to “leave a mark.”

Don’t let it have it. Let the potential future monsters out there know that they will be regarded as nothing more than what they were in life: Losers with tiny dicks. Useless wastes of skin. The kind of human refuse that could die a thousand deaths without anybody even noticing that they had died, laughing stocks, examples dragged out for a hundred generations to teach children what NOT to be, the epitome of Fail™, the very essence of uselessness, pathetic creatures deserving of nothing but scorn and ridicule. Not fear, because fear is what they thrive on, Fear is all they have left to them. Let them know that not only will we laugh at their ridiculously pathetic ends, we will waste not one second in wasting them whenever we encounter them. We will lose not one second of sleep over it, we will waste not one second of pondering “why they did it”, we will just spit on their carcasses and say: “good fucking riddance to bad rubbish.”

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By Emperor Misha I

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