Yep, buying out existing media outlets makes a whole lotta sense, and we’re not being in the slightest sarcastic here.

As more and more people on our side are, belatedly, coming to realize is that we’re not losing because our message of personal liberty, opportunity and prosperity doesn’t sell, it sells like frickin’ hotcakes every time it’s wafted around no matter which group you’re trying to sell it to, we’re losing because that message never gets out, buried under a behemoth of Democrat Socialist propaganda from the traditional media outlets from which most people get their information.

The leftist swine worked for decades to make that happen, and they’re sitting pretty right now with their near-monopoly on popular news outlets and magazines.

Unfortunately for them, we still live in a free market where such assets can be bought. We can’t buy back academia, that fight is going to take a lot longer, but we can buy back popular media outlets. And by doing so, we can pull the rug right out from under their feet. We don’t have to smash their megaphones, we can legally take them away by paying for them.

It’s much more efficient than building an alternative media from the ground up. Now, we’re not saying that doing that isn’t important, it is or we wouldn’t be part of that effort, but that’s a slow process. We’ve had to work for years on building up an audience and we’re glad that we did, but our job would have been so much easier if we’d already had a captive audience tuning into our freq every day/week/month. Also, by buying out the enemy’s platforms, we reach their target demographics immediately, we don’t have to get them to start reading/watching us.

The InstaPuppyBlender (don’t ask. OK, do ask, but it’s a long story 😉 ) suggests targeting women’s magazines. This is a good idea, actually, since you have to start somewhere and the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party has managed, successfully, to paint conservatives as somehow hating women and wanting them underfoot, barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. Which is more than a bit of a surprise to THIS particular conservative as the last thing His Imperial Majesty would want to marry is a doormat. We like, nay, love our women strong, independent, fierce and with a good aim. It means, for one thing, that we don’t have to worry when we leave the Imperial Residence because we know very well that it and the clan inside are in the best of hands with the Imperial Lioness.

Anyway, the easiest way to dispel that would be to acquire a bunch of outlets popular with women and put a stop to the relentless lying about conservative men. No, we most definitely shouldn’t turn those magazines into endless propaganda for the conservative cause, people don’t like being preached at. If they realize that they’re being preached at. You get the drift. The idea isn’t to turn, say, Cosmo into a political broadsheet because that’s not why women buy it, the focus would need to stay where it has always been, but you could eliminate the leftist slant that they sneak in there under headings of “hot Democrat legislators” and such and sneak in a conservative one instead.

It’s really not that hard to do, proof of which is that leftists have been able to do it for decades. Now apply some actual above average IQ to it and it will really take off.

Another factor in our favor is that the economy is in the shitter and mass media are struggling. Which means that the right people would be able to buy them cheap. Remember Newsweek? Now imagine if a few conservative billionaires had grasped that opportunity. Instant access to the entire subscriber base, all of whom have been steadily brainwashed by the NSDWP for decades.


It’s certainly an idea to keep on the front burner.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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