As in Lansing, MI, where leftist union brownshirts, once again, assembled a mob and started behaving like howling, violent savages.

Which should be no surprise seeing as that is who and what they are.

Apart from brandishing knives with which they cut down a tent set up by Americans for Prosperity with 30-40 people still in it, they also assaulted Steven Crowder and punched him in the face four times, chipping one of his teeth in the process.

Of course, nothing by way of retaliation happened or will ever happen, and His Imperial Majesty can almost guarantee that none of the members of Ogabe’s SturmAbteilung will face any sort of consequences. As a matter of fact, the White House refuses to even condemn the brutal assaults. And why would they? It’s exactly what they’ve wanted all along with their calls for “revenge”, “getting in people’s faces” and class warfare.

As to our own side, they need to stop being so “outraged” and “shocked” when these things happen, because they are as predictable as sunrises and sunsets where leftist swine are involved.

We’ll say it again, and kindly pay fucking ATTENTION this time: Violence is what they DO, because violent is what they ARE. Violent, thuggish, barbarian savages who care not one tiny little hint of a fuck if they have to smash everybody’s skulls in to get their way.

How fucking many times does shit like this have to happen before conservatives start realizing that? Leftist swine = violence and mayhem.

It has always been that way and it will always BE that way.

Whatever the fuck made so many faint of heart naifs on our side convince themselves that OUR leftist swine would be any different from each and every leftist pig in all of recorded history will always be a mystery to His Imperial Majesty.

When leftists are present, EXPECT violence and prepare yourselves accordingly, because violence is what you will HAVE.

Now, of course, it’s entirely up to you to choose the “nobler” route of refusing to do so and thereby becoming statistics collected in morgues and ERs all over the country, but don’t even TRY to pretend that you weren’t warned.

As to ourself: If we’re attacked by a mob of frothing, knuckledragging leftist stormtroopers, there will be a swift, decisive, merciless and unhesitating violent response until we’re either overcome or out of ammo, because violence is the only response that those subhuman freaks understand and, at any rate, we’ll be triple damned if we’ll let those primitive fucks trample all over us as long as we’re still capable of dishing out a high velocity, hollow-nosed counter argument.

So cut out the “who could have foreseen” and “we didn’t expect that sort of thing” bullshit, because it only makes you look mildly retarded.

When leftist thugs start braying about “there will be blood”, “civil war” and “payback”, expect that they mean exactly what they say and plan accordingly.

Because they DO mean it very literally.

Wake the fuck up, why don’t you?


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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