Which makes our job so much easier, since writing about leftist idiocy would be so much harder if they ever exhibited any signs of cerebral activity whatsoever.

Such as when the to the left of Stalin Mother Jones discovered that Nebraska just decided to teach their school children, as part of the curriculum, that the United KKKStates of KKKamerica isn’t the most unlivable, horrid, backwards never-ending hell that leftist swine that the Obogorrhoid anencephelatics nevertheless refuse to leave, in spite of numerous promises to do just that every time one of their pet Stalinist causes is in the slightest bit threatened.

Nebraska Kids to Learn America Is Awesome, Climate Change Is Just a Theory

We mean, seriously? What the fuck, OVER? That horrible bitter clinger useless (unless leftist hipster douchebag Ogabe voters want something to eat) state is actually teaching their kids that being born an American is NOT automatically a crime against humanity? “Pride” is obviously only good if it’s pride in something that nobody in their right minds would want to be proud about, to the leftist Democrat Socialist voter.

Students in Nebraska are getting new standards for social studies curriculum, after weeks of intense debate. The state Board of Education reached agreement on two items of controversy this week: whether to include “American exceptionalism”

Something that has been derided and thus officially declared doubleplusUNgood by the left’s “lord and savior” (their words, not ours), Brrrrarrrghhh Hussein BlightBringer. And thus it is “controversial”, a word that socialist propaganda outlets use when they really want to say “act of treason that ought to be punished by death from having a blue plastic bag tied over your head.”

But that’s not ALL. It gets even WORSE. Those counter-revolutionary heretics against “lord and savior” Brrrrarrrghhh Hussein BlightBringer are ALSO questioning the “settled science”, which is something the socialist propaganda outlets use when they really want to say “accepted religion of our one and true god, Brrrarrgh Hussein BlightBringer”, of Global Cooling Global Warming Climate Change.

“Questioning” it as in pointing out that it is merely a theory, which is giving it a heck of a lot more credit than its due since it is wholly unsupported by any facts whatsoever. The bit about mankind being the cause of it, that is. Which is sort of essential to the Trans National Socialist extremists currently benefiting from numerous idiots on the right helping them out by merely calling them “liberals”, something they never have been and never ever will be.

But the “right” keeps yielding to their word games because they’re nadless wankers who are more afraid of the consequences of calling a spade a spade than they are of seeing our nation destroyed.

Yes, the climate changes. NEWSFLASH: It has been changing since the day the planet was born. Ever heard of the ice ages? They weren’t made to go away by mammoths driving Cadillac Escalades or inventing coal power plants. Somehow that happened all on its own.

The QUESTION is whether those changes have anything to do with what we puny bipedals do or don’t do. And when it became obvious to anybody who actually knows what science IS that there was not even one smidgen of correlation between the actions of mankind and those changes, “Anthropogenic Global Warming” as in “mankind heating the planet up” became, overnight, “Climate Change.”

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Your “theory” turns out to be utter bullshit so you just change the wording a bit, just enough that it makes absolutely no meaning at all. If it rains more, it’s “climate change”. If it rains less, it’s “climate change”. If it gets warmer, it’s “climate change”. If it gets colder, as it has been for quite a few years now, it’s “climate change.” We could go on for another 793 pages.

Let’s not do that. It would be almost as boring and futile as sitting through every speech of Brrarrrghhh Hussein BlighBringer’s in order to find a simple sign of intelligence.

Let us, instead, come up with our own example.

We’ll posit the hypothesis that Paul Krugman columns cool the planet.

30 years ago, the planet was warmer. Now Paul Krugman can’t keep his mouth shut, and for a decade and a half we’ve endured stagnant and dropping global temperatures.

Ergo, we need to shut that bug-eyed, moon-faced cretin down or we’ll all freeze to death.

Of course, “denialists” might now point out that a lot of the planet was frozen over before he was even spawned, but that doesn’t matter. We’ll just change it from “global cooling” to “changes in the weather.” Ha! Take that, denialists!

Or we could just stuff a sweaty jock strap in his worthless yap on general principle, but we digress.

And Nebraska DARES point out facts? The HORROR!

If you think this is over the top, read the comments at the link. We’re fair certain that The Stupid™ there is approaching critical mass.

But let’s not point out that the enemy is a gaggle of imbeciles, because that would be “uncivil”. Let’s instead “compromise” with The Stupid™, let’s voluntarily lobotomize ourselves, because only by becoming as stupid as they are can we truly “win.”

Just ask Bill Kristol and Karl Rove.

Then punch them in the face and force them to pick up their teeth with broken fingers.


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By Emperor Misha I

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