We hear a lot of blather about how the Ogabe Misadministration is ever so concerned about the Evil Rethugnicans “holding the middle class hostage” by refusing to extend the Bush Tax Cuts, but only for the middle class. The “rich” (those earning more than $250,000/year are apparently ‘rich’), on the other hand, must be soaked, robbed and plundered to the point where they’ll have to shut down their businesses. Which, of course, will have no deleterious effect whatsoever on the millions of people that they employ. They’ll still have their free condoms and ObamaPhones.

But hold that thought. The Bush Tax Cuts? Haven’t we been told for more than a decade by those same frothing, hysterical socialist Democrats that those tax cuts were “The Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich?”

Yes, we have. We remember quite clearly, because that same ridiculous assertion was thrown at us by those very leftist moonbats every single time we slowly and patiently (you can’t use big words or speak too quickly when trying to reach the retarded) tried to explain to them that we distinctly remember the windfall we got from those cuts, and we’re most definitely not “rich” by any definition of the word. Except for the definition that will be in common usage once the leftist swine are done destroying our nation, but we digress. We remember that because those tax cuts for the “rich” financed, completely, the furnishings in the Imperial Nursery, and those of you who remember shopping for furniture know that that is far from cheap.

But no, only “the rich” benefited from those cuts by that evil, evil man, George W. Bush.

And now we’re told that the expiration of those same cuts for “the rich” and “the rich” ONLY will irreparably hurt, damage, destroy and rape the middle class?

How so, if you please, dear retarded and consistently inconsistent leftist douchebags?

How can we be hurt by the cessation of something that never, according to you, benefited us in the first place?

We would ever so dearly love to know.

And we never will, because trying to make a leftist Democrat socialist stick to anything is like trying to staple a jellyfish to a pool of water.

Lying swine, the whole bloody lot of them.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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