Something we desperately want to ask every single “pundit” on the so-called “right” whenever they go into deep, deep, thoughtful analyses about what “leverage” the GOP might have in the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations.

You, you over-educated morons who have not the slightest experience with, and even less understanding of, how the left operates, need to just sit you privileged arses down and shut the fuck up while people who know what they’re talking about speak because, quite frankly, you’re only making yourselves look foolish every single damn time you open your ignorant yaps.

The Democrat Socialist Party in general, and Hussein BlightBringer Ogabe in particular, have not the least bit of interest in NOT going over that “cliff.”

Cloward-Piven again. Google it, you pampered fuckwads who were lucky enough to grow up in a country where you could delude yourselves with “it could never happen HERE” until it actually, you know, HAPPENED. You’re so pathetically sub-moronic that we’re getting a bit tired of repeating ourselves but, seeing as the “I told you so” drum is the only comfort we’re going to have as this nation descends into what we warned you against for well over a decade while you were busy singing “la-la-la, I can’t HEAR you”, we’re going to do so anyway.

Leftist totalitarianism can only, only succeed if you have enough under-educated twits in the middle of a giant collapse. Look at the Weimar Republic. You’ve heard of it, haven’t you, or were you too fucking busy jacking off to Family Ties? Russia 1917? No, Lenin and his posse wouldn’t have had much traction if Tsarist Russia hadn’t been a pile of Epic Fail thanks to an obsolete feudal system combined with a losing position in a world war. Surely you must have heard about THAT war, no?

And if they HAVEN’T got that, they’ll make one of their own. That’s what Cloward-Piven was all about, and they were even courteous enough to spell it out in large neon letters right in front of your faces for you.

OK, I get it. You’d been spared so far, but now the shit has hit the fan and it’s way beyond time to recognize that the leftist have what they want and they’re stomping down on the accelerator.

Kindly quit fooling yourselves into thinking that the Democrat Fascist Party have the slightest inclination to do the right thing, because that’s exactly what they do NOT want at this point. They’re exactly where they want to be. The system has to crash so they can come in and respond to the desperate cries of “somebody’s gotta do SOMETHING!” Because when people are starving, they don’t give two good shits about what the “solutions” are going to cause, they just want another meal.

The Democrat Socialist Fascists WANT the fiscal cliff to happen, because it will give them every single excuse they need to transform this nation into Venezuela.

But what they want even MORE is for the dickless GOP to cave in to a “compromise” with Weepy Boner at the head of it so they can blame the GOP for everything that will inevitably happen. They’ll then say “well, we WANTED to save the nation, but the GOP’s intransigence, which we had to yield to for the Common Good™, made our brilliant plan crash and burn.”

Oh, they’ll blame the GOP no matter what, make no mistake, but it’s kind of hard to do so if said GOP can say, right up front, that they gave Ogabe everything he wanted.

Any “compromise” in this situation is a loss. Give them what they want. Just vote “present” on it and let the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party own every last bit of it.

We’re too far down the road to avoid that cliff now, we can blame that on ourselves for not having fought the commie bastards hard enough (it would be horrible to have a negative column in the New York Slimes, after all, who gives a shit about our children being slaves compared to that?), but let’s at least not leave our fingerprints on the inevitable collapse, m’kay?

And if Weepy Boner and Mitch McCockless refuse to see that, if they still leave their prints on a “Grand Bargain”, then let us announce that we’ll be celebrating just as hard seeing their limp carcasses dangling in the wind after their fair and speedy trials, shit running down their ankles, right next to BlightBringer Hussein Ogabe.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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