Via Israel Matzav.

It’s not that we’re unused to hearing stuff escaping the flapping maw of Her Cankleosity that makes our teeth ache, quite to the contrary, but every once in a while she goes so far off the rails into an alternate reality that we, even knowing what a vile harridan she is, have to stop and count to five.

Commenting on how the decades long war on Israel perpetrated by the paleosimians and how it’s “all the fault of the Joooos”:

All, of course, a bunch of anti-Semitic “blame the victim” bullshite, the kind one has come to expect from that cackling monstrosity of a caricature of a female, so we’ll just skip to the money quote, where she states that the Israelis have a lot more to do to

“demonstrate that they understand the pain of an oppressed people…”

Ex-fucking-CUSE us? The JEWS need to “do more” to demonstrate that they understand the pain of an oppressed people?

The JEWS???

A picture of some Jews failing completely, yet again, to learn what it means to be an oppressed people

What the fuck is WRONG with you, you deranged dipshit drooling fuckwit? Got dropped on the head a few hundred too many times as a kid? Childhood diet made up almost entirely of lead? Tertiary syphilis?

We’d go as far to say that there probably aren’t ANY people on this forsaken dirtball of a planet who know more about the pain of oppression than the Jews, and certainly a great deal more than a spoiled, uber-privileged, gold-digging brat from Fuckstick, IL who’s had everything handed to her for her entire, useless fucking life.

Yet there you are, blaming the Jews for the paleosimian subhumans using Jewish children for target practice for decades, lecturing those same Jews that they need to properly demonstrate that they know what it’s like to be oppressed and in pain?

Give us a frickin break, you daft cow, and please go suck start a Mossberg, will you?


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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