In a completely unpredictable development, it appears that the Mooselimb Sisterhood is becoming quite the power player in post-Mubarak Egypt now that the freedom-loving rabble has done the hard work for them.

It’s almost as if they stepped into a power vacuum after a popular protest because they (and the military, that they’re now working with) were the only one with the organization to do so.

As a matter of fact, it’s almost as if everything in Egypt has happened EXACTLY THE WAY HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY SAID IT WOULD FROM THE FIRST DAY while “cooler and more pragmatic heads” to whom we should all pay attention were tut-tutting and wagging their fingers, assuring all and sundry that this was a popular protest that would not, in any shape form or fashion, lead to pisslamic fundamentalists muscling in on control of yet another middle eastern nation.

Have we told you lately how tiresome it is to be right all the bloody time?

It’s very, very tiresome, particularly when all we have to show for it is several thousand sets of shredded We Told You So drums because it seems to be so much more fashionable to stick your head in the sand and listen to clownshits who haven’t been right for one single solitary moment in their entire lives.

Not that we’re bitter. We’ll just go cut another notch.

Right again, predictably.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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