Since we know the amount of Other People’s Money™ she insisted on being given to cover her contraceptive “needs” and we also know the average market price of contraception (and, of course, assuming that she eschews the use of vile monthly doses of chemicals and goes by a “per insertion” basis instead), two minutes and a calculator tells us that whatever brains this People’s Hero of the Socialist Utopia of Next Tuesday™ might have once possessed must have now been well and truly banged out, so we guess that she has an excuse…

Time’s Candidate for Vagina of the Year™, who once assembled no less than a full dozen supporters in a parking lot, now goes on to crusade against Evil Businesses forced to cut back on hours to avoid being crushed under her favorite Commissar, Comrade Petukh Hussein Obama’s “health” “care” program. She even has a petition and everything!

We will not patronize your businesses

The nation would appreciate it very much if you howling communist harridans would stop with the endless patronizing altogether!

if you go ahead with cutting your employees’ hours because of Obamacare.

All twelve of you? All of that disposable income you have now that you don’t have to buy your own rubbers anymore? Oh SNAP!

By doing this, you are showing America you don’t care about the health and welfare of your hard-working and loyal employees who help make your companies successful and making you billions.

Billions that, per the likes of Fuck, dammit, FLUKE, really belong to The People™ and, anyway, if you stop making billions then where’s the money to pay for Sandra’s Astrodome Diaphragms going to come from? Which is why she’s going to boycott you! Wait. Oh Fluke…

Keep this in mind: If your employees don’t have health care in order to get well when they do get sick, those same employees come to work sick and can pass their illnesses onto us as they prepare or serve our food.

Should be small potatoes compared to the Rogue’s Gallery of colorful STDs you and your fellow FlukeMachines carry around already. You’d hardly notice.

They often don’t have paid sick days and can’t afford to miss a day of work to get better.

Ahem. They don’t get paid sick days even if they get a prescription from the local doc-in-a-box and no, FlukeHead, medicine isn’t magic little pills that make diseases go away instantly. Remember the AZT that your doc has told you you have to take for the rest of your life? Yeah. Just like that. So if the workers can’t afford missing a day now, they won’t be able to afford it in the future either, “healthcare” or not.

All of that aside, you yourself acknowledge that those businesses are doing that to escape the increased costs of OgabeCare. No OgabeCare, no cut hours. Maybe you should petition the socialist fuck in the White House who is pulling your strings instead, comrade FlukeNugget.

Oh, and to further rub salt in the gaping wound of your lack of even basic cognitive abilities, how exactly do you think that a boycott is going to help? Assume, just for the sake of hilarity, that you and all of your literally dozens of supporters succeed in having a measurable effect on the bottom line of those businesses. Yes, we know, ridiculous on its face, but work with us here for a second.

What do you think the consequences of that would be, you flapping cuntmuffin? We can tell by the blank stare in your peepers that you’ve got nothing. Or maybe you’re just in your usual ambulatory vegetative state, but never mind, we’ll give you a clue:

Less hours and perhaps even fewer employees to make up for the losses. Yes, that’s right. It’s Fluking brilliant what you’re doing there. In order to “stand up for the employees” you’re threatening to get more of them fired. “Give this guy all of your money or I’m going to shoot him in the Fluking face!”

No wonder you still haven’t managed to graduate from whatever diploma mill it is that you attend in between making even more of an idiot of yourself in public.

You voted for this. Now you’re going to get it. Good and hard.

P.S.: But that might be OK. We’ve heard from reliable sources that you like it that way.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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