Jackboot’s apt obituary for the feckless GOP set me to thinking, which means everyone has to suffer. Buck up, and put your reading glasses on.

It has become clear that the window of opportunity for averting real and transformational crisis has been missed. The GOP we have needed for the last two decades has simply failed to materialize. Strayed from the path of principle and become trapped in the psychedelic haze and endless reverb of Beltway-bound hallucinations. The present administration takes steps daily and makes plans to enact legislation that will accelerate the fundamental instabilities in our economy and society, putting a course correction as a solution to our problems effectively out of reach of the democratic process. Sorry. This option has been eliminated.

The events of the present have been a long time in the making. The rancid corruption of our public school system has been taking place slowly over at least the last 30 years, with huge implications for the cultural memory of American values and the fundamental quality of independent thinking in our young adults and the generations that follow them. At the same time, the vast majority of the mainstream media apparatus has been gradually taken over by statists bent on serving as the public relations arm of the NSDWP. The impact of these two huge shifts taken together has massively altered politics in this country, yet most still do not see them for what they are; the GOP refuses to grasp the extent of these shifts, and will not develop strategy to address the root causes of them. Yet the truth remains. A massive media complex willing to manipulate the message to serve a corrupt ideology coupled with a large and growing population prepared to accept this overt indoctrination as unvarnished truth.

We have become trapped in this unreality by statists convinced they are solving problems caused by an excess of freedom, and completely unable to understand that the problems they seek to use government to solve were caused by too much of the government they revere in the first place. Indeed, all suffering inflicted upon people by society has been the result of bad government, a truth confirmed even by a casual relationship with history. Envy, insecurity and self-loathing is the source of the pain these people struggle to erase through increasing control over society. The effort is the grandest fool’s errand of all time, and has always been, throughout history, every time it’s attempted.

We have become the Ouroboros. Absent a miracle cure for these two metastasizing cancers and their side-effects devouring our culture, we will continue down this path until the last so-called rich person has been eaten by the fascist state, and the decaying beast collapses upon itself, parasites fleeing in every direction. From this carcass, with luck, a few of us remain, and with memory of the principles that once served us, we will arise, and point the way back to liberty.

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By LC SecondMouse

Find me on twitter at @DiscardedVirtue Retired CEO. Constitutional conservative. Mortal enemy of moral hazard, ignorance and collectivism. Traveler on the Inner Journey, Zen Buddhist, Taoist. Walker of The Way. Teacher and Student.

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