And to all of the punditry wasting valuable electrons posting, re-posting and evaluating the mindless bleating of the Democrat Socialists that any opposition to the obvious lies being peddled by Susan Rice and, therefore, any opposition to her nomination for anything at all is “raaaaacist” and not at all based on her obvious propensity to lie as fast as her lips can flap as well as boundless, criminal incompetence and, more importantly according to the punditry, what all of this means to GOP messaging etc.:

Please. We mean, PLEASE! How fucking many times are you idiots going to fall for that tired old leftist (and no, don’t fucking dare call them “liberal”, they’re not even in the same galaxy as “liberal”) trick? Are you terminally cluefucked or what?

Here’s how it goes, and take it from one of those uneducated morons who spent three decades observing socialists up real close and unbearably personal, unlike you wise old men who have at least read three books about it:

1) Socialists have argument that is impossible to get rational people to agree with.

2) Socialists pick spokesperson belonging to a designated “victim” group, a group held out as one suffering brutal, irrational criticism based solely on their belonging to said “victim” group. Or somebody belonging to a group that every normal human being would feel sorry for.

3) Socialists proceed to call any criticism at all of the ridiculous argument proof of nothing more than irrational hatred and/or lack of human decency.

Thus they avoid even once having to defend their ridiculous argument on its merits or, rather, lack thereof.

Witness Reichsgerichtsrat Heinrich Holder: Any criticism of him directly ordering the mass murder of two U.S. citizens and hundreds of innocent Mexicans through Fast and Furious is RAAAAACISM.

Witness the Jersey Girls of post-9/11 fame: Any suggestion that their howling criticism of George W Bush might be off the mark is just plain heartless since they lost loved ones in the Twin Towers.

Witness Cindy Sheehan (until she’d outlived her usefulness. Now she can’t get a speaking gig anywhere): Absolute moral authority! If she claims that Bush personally ate the livers of a thousand American babies, well just shut up already! She lost a son in Iraq! What kind of MONSTER are you anyway?

Witness the response to every single criticism of the criminal overreaches and/or failed policies of Brrarrrghhh Hussein OBunghole’s: RAAAAACIST!

So when the Ogabe misadministration picks a black person AND a woman to peddle their lies about Benghazi, it’s a fucking TWO-fer. MISOGYNIST RAAAAACIST!

Yet the “Smart Set” on the right still fall for it. Seriously, you dumb fucks, we’re beginning to wonder if we shouldn’t just switch to the winning team, even though they’re a bunch of despicable leftist swine. At least they seem to know what they’re doing and aren’t just sticking their fingers in their ears singing lalalala we can’t hear you.

Of course we’re kidding, but it’s fucking hard to fight a battle when your allies have the IQ of a turnip and, what’s worse, continue to refuse to listen to those of us who actually KNOW, through personal bitter experience, what we’re up against.

Here’s the thing. You don’t “counter” those cries of “raaaaaacism.” You. Just. Don’t. You can’t win. If you do, you tacitly acknowledge that the other side might have a point. After all, if you didn’t think that they might, then why are you wasting time trying to prove that you’re NOT “raaaaacist?” Would you spend months and a gazillion column inches trying to prove that you were NOT, in fact, an evil pod person from Arcturus Secundus if a leftist swine made that claim? If not, then why not? It’s no less ridiculous than what you ARE doing, letting them control the narrative by playing on a field that they’ve set up for you, with all of the rules stacked against you.

Yet you fall for it every single time.

The Democrat Socialist cry “racism” and the response from the Stupid Party and their “Brain Trust” is, and has always been, to respond with a massive, concerted effort to pander to the group that they’ve been accused of harboring racist tendencies against. You think those groups are in the least bit impressed by your obvious pandering? Let us tell you something: They’re not. They’re not idiots, and they know a fake when they see one. All that’s going to accomplish is them saying “oh, they acknowledge it and now they’re trying to make up for it?”

Yeah. Big win, you drooling morons.

It’s really quite simple: Stick to first principles. Such as personal freedom, opportunity and “stay the fuck out of my life” (you know, what conservatism used to be before conservatism thought it wasn’t cool) and meet any spurious claims of “phobia”, “raaaaacism”, “heartlessness” and what have you with a resounding:

“Is that all you have by way of argument? Kindergarten insults? Please, arsehole, put up some evidence for your allegations and, if you cannot, kindly shut the fuck up and quit bothering me. It would be much more fruitful and constructive for me to have a discussion with my latest bowel movement. Us grownups have work to do, so why don’t you go play with your own bowel movements for a while? It seems to be all that you’re capable of anyway.”

But, in a way, having once been one of those socialist activists ourself (before we thankfully grew a fucking brain), it’s quite amusing to see how bloody effective they are in a country where nobody knows what the fuck they’re up against.

Amusing if it didn’t potentially mean the death of all that I love about this nation, the descent into what I thought I’d left behind and the victory of the swine who were once my “friends” and are now my mortal enemies.

You’re fighting swine, my fellow Americans. Time to roll up our sleeves and get dirty.

We can always shower afterwards.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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