Here, turkey, turkey, turkey…

Today is the day we give thanks while trying to OD on tryptophane and, well, everything else at hand.

Now, His Imperial Majesty knows full well that we may not be in the most thankful mood after November 6th, but we still have a lot to be thankful for.

For one thing, while we’re headed in that direction, we’re still NOT Greece.

For another, even though we’ve taken a kick to the nuts, WE still haven’t changed. Our principles are still the same, our belief in our own principles are still as strong as ever (nothing hones the mind quite as much as the spectre of imminent disaster), we still know that we’re right and the proof is already pouring in.

We predicted that the re-selection of Braaarrgghhh Hussein the BlightBringer would mean shit hitting the fan like crazy in our economy. We were right. We didn’t even have to wait for proof that we were right, the economy went down like a Dauntless on a final bombing run literally the day after the leftist swine had won his empty victory. DOW tanking, hundreds of thousands of jobs ceasing to exist, the leftist swine union allies of his murdering an American icon, millions of Americans, the ones lucky enough to still have a job in this Workers’ Utopia, realizing that their health premiums, if they still had a plan at all, had gone up by anywhere from 15-30%, all of it overnight. Literally.

Talk about a massive hangover. And we should be thankful for that. The death we see in Europe is the result of a gradual slide downhill over decades, the temperature being turned up too slowly for the doomed frog to notice until it was too late. We’re seeing a cataclysmic, immediate collapse so obviously tied to the election results that it can’t be explained away as “coincidental.” Cause and correlation are tied together here, even an infant can see that, all of the howling from the Democrat leftist swine that “businesses are killing themselves just to spite the BlightBringer” notwithstanding.

For four years businesses sat tight, limiting the impact in hopes that the problem would self-correct in 2012 so they could get back to business, which only served to help the socialist Democrats in their narrative that “things weren’t all that bad.” Then November 6th happened and they had to face the cold reality of another four years of the same, which businesses cannot hope to survive. So they did what they had to do, and the effects have been immediate.

Communist cunts like the bitch in the post below, carefully selected by the Ogabe Politburo, can howl and screech as much as they want about small businesses not being hurt, it’s not going to convince the millions of Americans who suddenly find themselves out of a job or cut down to part time. The communists went over the cliff already, and everybody feels it, no matter how much they may have deluded themselves over the last four years.

Things weren’t really all that bad, but that was only because the free market was doing its damndest to hang in there, expecting the usual turnaround. The turnaround didn’t happen, so now the Titanic hits the iceberg.

We should be thankful, odd as that sounds, that the collapse is happening that quickly, because that is the only way that it will become apparent to the voters at large that this shit doesn’t really work. We should be thankful that it happens before the socialist Democrat swine managed to disarm us, which was their biggest mistake. That’s the first step you need to accomplish. They’re now “ruling” over hundreds of millions of very, very angry peasants armed with stuff a fuckload more impressive than muskets.

They went too fast, intoxicated by their own temporary success. This is their undoing, this is our salvation and for that we should be thankful.

And, on a purely unpolitical note, Thanksgiving is about as American as anything gets. It’s an orgy of indulgence, a big fat “in your face” to the ruling class trying to order us to accept moderation because they say so, it’s a revolt against the food Nazis of Moochelle Antoinette, telling them that we don’t give a flying fuck. Take your tofurkey an shove it.

It is your patriotic duty on this day to celebrate, indulge, go nuts and feel good about it, because we’re still the best damn people that ever set foot on this disgusting dirtball of a planet.

Now go PARTY!


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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