Congresscritter Jesse Jackson Jr. (Socialist) has resigned his post as part of a plea deal with the feds. Jackson submitted his letter of resignation of the Weepy Boner a few minutes ago.

It’s great to see a scumbag get his just rewards. I guess faking ‘mental’ issues didn’t fly with the investigators looking into his misuse of campaign fund, and the Mayo Clinic was a much better gig than a nice cell in a Federal penitentiary, huh?

I’m sure MSNBC has a seat all warmed up for him, since we all know that liberals usually land on their feet. Meanwhile douchebag enjoy the vacation. Typical of Chicago politics, Jackson’s wife is one of the favorites to fill his empty seat along with child molester, pornographer and career criminal Mel Reynolds (D) who resigned in 1995 the seat the Jackson held.

Fucking liberals will forgive you of literally anything.

Hmmm…wonder if he’ll apply for unemployment benefits?

Don’t cry now, I’m sure Jackson will be back in the saddle soon.

-Carry On

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