The ballots haven’t even been fully counted and Mr. Weeper of the House was already surrendering to the left on the issue of taxes. Carefully choosing his words about the election being a mandate on working together with the left, he stresses the need for bipartisan solutions in avoiding the fiscal cliff. He goes on talking of closing loopholes in the tax code and other types of tax ‘reform’.

I suspect with every tear John-boy sheds he loses about 10 IQ points because this plays right into the hands of the dems and the dumb-fuck does it every time when a fiscal fight is afoot. It’s all a precursor for a tax hike he fully intends to cave on. Instead of hammering away at cutting spending and not even a mention of what we’ll do with taxes of any kind, he’s sending a signal to the left that he’ll play ball on tax increases. Once again we find this useless, spineless creature pissing his pants because the progressives said “BOO !”. He’ll tell you that if we draw an absolute line in the sand to no new taxes, the democrats in order to win, will let us drive off the “fiscal cliff” and blame it on republican obstructionism. Since you obviously need one Boner-Boy here’s a clue: The left has been blaming republican obstructionism all along for every one of their fiscal policy failures. Obama’s ridiculous ‘budget’ that couldn’t get a single vote in the senate was clear evidence of republican obstructionism. Harry Reid’s dereliction in bringing any budget onto the floor for eons is due to republican obstructionism. The lack of urinal cakes (aka progressive mints) in the 2nd floor men’s room…republican obstructionism.

Just like the “racist” word, the invertebrate RINOs in Congress still fear words. They soil their underoos if there’s a chance that the Slimes will speak ill of them. They can produce a awesome budget plan from some of the best economic minds in Congress, yet the Keynesian Retard Paul Krugman can write another nasty, prevarication of an op-ed and they instantly have seizures and projectile vomiting. This of course always, but ALWAYS has the same ending. The Wimpy’s Hamburger RINO Solution™, the Party of Stoopid will gladly play along with tax increases for today, for payment in real spending cuts next Tuesday. Next Tuesday unfortunately is forgotten because the RINOs can bask in the ‘good’ press over the weekend, gushing how they reached bipartisan support for the latest fiscal problems. Come next week and you can bet the LSM will invent some story to put the GOP back on defense and the promised cuts disappear like blow in Charlie Sheen’s apartment.

Today is a helluva lot different. That cliff is really there and a monster that could turn us into Greece overnight, and we sure as hell can’t bridge over it on any time scale that averts disaster. The real snooker being played here isn’t that the administration gives a monkey-fuck about going over the cliff, since they are 150% positive that blaming the GOP for it occurring will be their foundation for taking back the House in 2014. Looking at it this way, it’s even more likely they’ll go out of their way to let it happen, just for that political advantage. This brazen screwing of the American people in lust of completely centralized power is exactly the type of shenanigans we can expect over the next four years. I suspect they will eventually give up entirely on the maskirovka and just do what they want directly with no Machiavellian games. Remember Ogabe’s comment to his pal Dmitry Medvedev that he would have more flexibility after the election?

[Off Topic-Does anyone else find it odd, that Obama would be so sure of his reelection in March? Just sayin’]

So here’s my call for what it’s worth. Boehner will cave and cut a deal next week for what ultimately will be a massive tax hike (news today was kicking around a figure of $1.6 trillion as Ogabe’s goal), just like all the deals that came before it, they’ll break it off in his ass as it being the GOP’s idea. Deja Vu factorial. The promised budget cuts? Sure, we’ll reduce the Department of Agriculture budget for cowshit stink studies by .0001%.

Solution? Along with our plans to shake up the left in ’14 it’s imperative for us to take out all the old bull RINOs and replace them with our young, conservative studs that will be unafraid of anything the socialists throw at them. Fuckabuncha’ bipartisan this or that, it’s the path to perdition for the Conservative movement. It’s not a choice, it’s the only choice short of taking the slack off our triggers.

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