Not saying that their hearts are not in the right place, I’m just saying that it’s painfully obvious to somebody who’s been around a bit longer than they have that they’re falling for it.

Petraeus/Broadwell etc.?

Smoke screen.

The leftist swine can’t have anybody talking about what actually happened in Benghazi and why Bronco Bummer the BlightBringer was rotating on his own thumbs while American soil was being invaded and our top officers were being murdered with him refusing to lift a damn finger (because he was too busy fingering his prostate in hopes of achieving those orgasms he used to get in Chicago bath houses), so they turn the whole thing into “who was Petraeus banging and when?” which is, obviously, more important than a few Americans sodomized and murdered and our sovereign soil invaded without as much as a “well that’s not nice!” from our alleged “Commander-in-Chief”.

And even more important than two U.S. officers and several hundred innocent Mexicans murdered by a deliberate attempt to manufacture a narrative (Fast and Furious) but what the fuck? Let’s all talk about Petraeus’ wiener instead.

That’s why the leftist swine in this nation succeed. Because you ig’nant fucks have no idea what you’re up against and fall for every last trick they pull. Just watch the “leading” conservative sites. It’s all about Broadwell’s fishy taint now. Everybody’s conveniently forgotten what it’s really about.

We’d be more charitable and forgiving in our denunciation of your naivete if it wasn’t for one thing, and those of you who have hung around for a while will know it, and that thing is that we spent THREE FUCKING DECADES experiencing, FIRST HAND, how those baby fucking leftards play the game and warning you against it, but nobody paid any fucking attention because, fuck, dumb furreiner.

Not YOU, obviously, you’re still around and you wouldn’t have been if YOU were the ones refusing to pay attention, but it’s really fucking hard to help if your advice, based on first hand experience, is being ignored by “conservatives” as a whole.

Oh well. Fuck you. We’ll still be around when you’ve been buried as a result of your faith in yourselves and knowing everything better, by virtue of your natural, imagined superiority over those dumb peasants coming to this country from nations that have gone through the whole thing before.

You keep talking about Broadwell’s snatch just like your new overlords want you to. We’ll try to focus on what’s important here.

Now get out of the way, you puling infants. You have no fucking idea what you’re up against, and that’s not your fault. But we’d really appreciate it if you’d just go stuff your faces with Jell-O or momma’s lipstick, because you’re getting in the way of saving this nation.

You should probably go back to obsessing about WoW and fapping like monkeys to Christina Hendricks’ fun bags (and they’re quite impressive, we have to admit), because that seems to be the limit of your intellectual capacity.



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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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