Now that I’ve finished picking the crow feathers out of my teeth for the dreadfully wrong call on the election it’s time for a little introspect.

We’ve done a lot of talking about how America has been moving more and more towards the dependency society and away from the working one, yet in the end we either didn’t believe our own words or we didn’t realize that America was already there. Personally I thought the 2008 election of Ogabe was a clear sign that progress towards the welfare state was indeed accelerating, and after 4-years of his incompetent, clueless governance my ideas were validated. What I didn’t expect was that we were a lot farther down the road to tyranny already. Our fellow citizens, along with it’s media cheerleader squad was perfectly willing to overlook or ignore one administration misadventure after another. We even thought that Libya was going to be the final nail in Obama’s coffin, yet the media, courtesy of storm Sandy was able to nearly hermetically seal the sickening travesty of Americans being willfully abandoned to die. Such is the measure of an ideology that history has shown is perfectly willing to let millions die in it’s endless pursuit of power. Team O and the MSM steno pool used Alinskyite tactics to perfection. Our measured, rational arguments on behalf of remaining a free people and rejecting the slavery of government dependence fell on deaf ears, or even worse was ridiculed as anachronistic and anti-modern. Daren Jonescu in a must read article at the American Thinker writes a brilliant, must read article: America Votes To End Modern Civilization.

In this age of Obama, this is what passes for public debate: the politically incorrect one is subjected to scorn and ridicule, is not allowed to respond, and the Leftists who are doing the ridiculing then congratulate themselves on their moral and intellectual superiority. It is not debate, but rather anti-debate, the absence of discussion, the parody of discourse. The point, in fact, is not to refute the assertions and claims of the ideological deviant in question, but merely to signal to the ideologically obedient that this person is to be shunned, is not to be listened to, not to be taken seriously, and above all not to be believed or emulated.

That friends, perfectly describes the ‘debate’ of public discourse during the election season as well as the actual presidential debates. How many times have we had the term ‘racist’ thrown at us followed by absolutely no direct response to our idea or question, and then the snickering of the leftist du jour as to how they indeed were so much more intellectual and nuanced than us? More than a simple debate tactic, the left is morally bankrupt and must devise a means to deal with the cold, hard logic of conservatism.

Given the invariable use of this tactic or some variant, they were successful not because it’s a winning tactic or even all that effective at less than winning, but the fact that the context they used it in made it effective. We can’t forget that the Party of Stoopid™ is still alive and well and like a child hanging onto their favorite blanket, insists on keeping to the high road with the losing idea that ‘we’re better than that’. Once again we saw a real gentleman in Mitt Romney holding back and smiling when verbally assaulted by the left. How many time did you find yourself screaming at the TV for Mitt to just fucking unload on whoever was slinging the steaming horseshit at him. He had numerous opportunities to punch Ogabe out in that last debate, but chose not to even bring up the topic of Benghazi or even Fast and Furious. Even the other side was stunned that Romney stayed away from much of controversy, choosing instead to give a pass to Ogabe and his prevarication accomplice.

I for one, over the course of the campaign found myself liking Romney much more than I did during the GOP primary donnybrook, letting myself forget that I had considered Romney a flawed candidate from the start being the one chosen by the GOP establishment as deserving of his ‘turn’ on the ticket. None of us should have been surprised at the viciousness of the demonrat’s campaigning, hell we predicted it, so why would our side stick to being on that high road when a round-house punch, followed by a kick to the gonads was in order? Hell, why did we even let the narrative that Obama was a nice guy, just mistaken ideologically fly? He’s a ruthless bastard that has no respect for anyone except Obama, a man that even sold his own grandmother in pursuit of the raw power of tyranny. Barack Hussein Obama was not running for the office of President, he was running for the title of Supreme Leader, Tyrant-in-Chief and like all leftist there is no morality in the means to your end.

But what happened? The talking head retreads of former administrations, I’m looking at you Rove and the hyper-intelligentsia RINOs like Kristol and that turd Frum gave their ‘expert’ advice to Team Romney and produced exactly the same results they did with Presidents Dole and McCain. The GOP has lost it’s First Principles. They decided the way to win elections was to be the nice guys and keep side-stepping to the left. Well I’ve got news for you assholes, we aren’t going to win by trying to out Democrat the Democrats. We aren’t going to win by not responding to the most egregious of mud-slinging lies. America loves winners and winners respond to gross injustice hurled out them whether they be physical blows or vicious, made-up slanders.

Like the Boss in his previous post, damned if I know what form our attack will take. It’s wickedly hard to fight folks that have decided that they want more free shit than freedom. It’s a difficult concept to explain to someone who has already taken Plan A. We do have to keep in mind though, that almost all of us thought Romney was a flawed candidate from the beginning and once he had the nod, he accepted all the old losing advice from the establishment and tried to win by angling to the center.

Conservative ideas are still boss in the animating contest of democracy, but it’s up to us to figure out how to convey them and make ’em stick within an electorate that’s been carefully bred to be slaves to their ‘betters’ in the progressive party. Playing at progressive-lite sure as hell won’t do it. We need to reach out to the balkanized interest groups that have been indoctrinated by the left into having grievances that only democrat pols can solve. Porous borders are providing a generational bloc of reliably democrat voters. It sure as hell isn’t about amnesty, it’s about the dilution of our society’s traditional values of self-reliance by mostly uneducated, illiterate folks that are children to be cared for by the left. That is what we’re fighting.

Did the founders EVER think that attaining and maintaining a Republic was easy? Did we allow ourselves to think that simply winning an election would solve over 40-years of unhindered subversion by the left? This is the Long War for our Republic, much as the WoT, so it’s time to rebuild our own solidarity, share ideas and develop action plans, then off our asses and turn-to. We aren’t going to win by being the pussies the establishment wants, now is the time for ass-kickers, the Marines of Conservatism in the fight for freedom. We win by using the enemy’s tactics against him and better.

–Carry On

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