When we finally make it to the ‘gas prices that will naturally skyrocket’ $8/gallon gas that Ogabe promises you can thank your neighbor still proudly displaying that Obama-Biden 2012 bumper sticker.

Just to get the ball rolling the administration’s ‘all of the above’ energy plan (that is if the above only includes green energy owned by campaign bundlers) the Department of the Interior is off and running closing federal lands to energy development. The Department’s Bureau of Land Management has decided to close off 1.6 million acres of publicly owned land previously set aside for Oil Shale development in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. The land excluded is that which displays ‘wilderness characteristics’, I suppose as in contrast to oil shale operations in Manhattan. Help me out here, but isn’t that characteristic one thing that would define a good place to conduct operations in? Oh, my bad, I forgot opening the lands to oil shale development would totally and completely wipe out the Sage Grouse population, even to the last bird. After all we know that drilling oil in Alaska killed off the Polar Bears right? Of course all the critter’s-rights criminals want the bird placed on the endangered species list (right up there with Conservatives if the Progressives have their way) but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife says there are other species that rate the funds needed to enact their listing as endangered (i.e. they’re aren’t endangered when translated from the bureaucratese). I lived for nearly 4 years in Idaho and the high-desert there has tens of thousands of the damned things living in the vast areas where the sage brush is about the only plant life and the stupid things only have coyotes for predators and hungry coyotes at that. The bird itself can be hunted but the meat is nearly inedible because of the highly concentrated sage oil content. Regardless the greenies want all animal species on the endangered list, except humans since Planned Parenthood charged with and doing a fine job of culling the herd.

Sen. Mark Udall (Socialist-Colo.) praised the plan, saying the administration exercised the right amount of caution on oil shale development, which has not yet been brought to commercial scale and brings concerns about the amount of water used in the practice.

The irony is entirely lost on Senator Nitwit here that his pResident’s favorite energy forms haven’t been brought to commercial scale either, but that doesn’t stop him from sinking billions of taxpayer dollars into it. What the fuck is it with these conservation types and ‘saving’ water? Except for an insignificant amount of water vapor sublimating into space, water self-recycles and is never ‘lost’ permanently.

The production of oil from the shale deposits has historically been uncompetitive with conventional oil, however, as world oil prices increase along with the political instability of much of the major oil producing countries, research has been conducted and an emerging process has an excellent promise of bringing oil derived from shale onto the market at less than $40/barrel.

Even of more importance from the link above is this infobit:

Estimated U.S. oil shale reserves total an astonishing 1.5 trillion barrels of oil – or more than five times the stated reserves of Saudi Arabia.

Can you say one hellacious Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

Naturally all the usual envirocriminal suspects applaud Commie-Ken Salazar for his respect of Mother Gaia and some of her more worthless land and creatures.

The Ogabe administration marches on in their war on energy, perhaps the ‘final solution’ for the ultimate take-over of the republic by the tyrannical progressive movement.

-Come and Take it !

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