Sure, we’re losing for sure (h/t Ace of Spades):

Listen, we don’t want to be too melodramatic here and we know that it’s a political ad, but that ad gave us the same feeling we had when Dubya got up on top of that heap of rubble in NY with a bullhorn. No, you don’t need to remind us of all the ways Dubya disappointed us in the years after that (and the opposite as well, we don’t intend to forget the GOOD things he did), but that up there is the spirit.

Upbeat, optimistic, devil-may-care, we can fucking well DO this and we WILL. Time for the nightmare to end.

Now is not the time for doubts, worries, fear, pessimism, what ifs and so on.

We stand here on the eve of battle, we have lost before, but we have our enemy shaken and we ARE stronger, better and more courageous than they are. All those painful retreats of the past don’t matter. Tuesday matters, that is ALL that matters right now. Past defeats, future challenges, they’re all nothing right now. Before us stands a battle, a battle for the very soul of this country, a battle to stop the decline of the nation that we all love, the decline of all that we believe in, and the enemy, the ENEMY is fearful.

No warrior should ever march into battle afraid. If you are righteous, then you have no need to be fearful. The only thing you have to fear is failing to do your all, to do your very best, to give it all you have because, no matter what, you will be setting an example on Tuesday. You will be saying “this far, and no further”, you will be counted among the glorious few by future generations because you did not give in, you did not cave, you did not let your worries, understandable though they may be, control your actions in furtherance of all that is right.

You went into battle with a smile on your lips, with equal measures of hope, determination and anger in your hearts, knowing that you were on the side of what is RIGHT and the hell with all the rest and you fought, fought and fought some more until you were either victorious or could fight no more.

We ARE the future of our nation, if she is to have any future at all, and we serve her ill if we don our armor and enter the battlefield reluctantly and full of fear.

For Old Glory, for the Republic, for the sacrifices of those who went before us, forward into the breach and know that future generations will envy us for being here when it mattered.

Not one step back. Forward to victory!

Now get out there and MAKE it happen.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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