As we wait for next Tuesday and what it might bring, I was thinking of all those still voting for the progressive-socialist ticket after living the misery of the last four years. What the fuck have you been doing to not see through the chimera of Hope and Change and that entirely media-constructed joke of a pResident? Do you really think he gives one flying-fuck about anyone but himself and his sick ideology? You’re just useful idiots, tools to be used and discarded, all classified, labeled and provided with your own grievance that only he can ‘fix’. You can’t see where it’s driving our country financially and the consequences, the least of which is losing your own special perks, paid for by your neighbors.

Hey you, professor- How will you feel about your vote, when all the college kids that can’t find work decide it isn’t worth it to sit in your classroom of indoctrination and your precious chair evaporates? What job skills beyond flipping burgers do you have? Tenure is something written on paper and we didn’t sign it, so don’t expect us to honor it.

Hey you, School Teacher- How will you feel about your vote when the taxpayers that ultimately pay your union dues are really, really broke and schools are closed and teachers laid-off? Your neighbor’s check-books aren’t the goose laying golden eggs, I assure you they have a bottom and all your union bennies funded by them will disappear along with your job.

Hey you, UAW worker- How will you feel about your vote when the folks paying the largesse your union receives are broke? Is it impossible to even consider that if you build a better product, market it cheaper and stand beside it that millions will want to buy it and you can advance because your company prospers, instead of extorting money the union way? Go ahead, pull that lever for the union “friendly” politician that provides gifts with other peoples’ money. Keep the status quo and the factory will close and you’ll join the ranks of the unemployed.

Hey you, Welfare Whore- How will you feel about your vote for more and more handouts when one day that check isn’t there and that EBT card gets rejected? Obama doesn’t have a stash, that money comes from the folks you see out there every day, busting their asses actually having and keeping something called a job. A lot of us are sick and tired of paying for your lazy asses and your spawn. That political party wants more and more to be like you, funded by less and less of us, something has to give and it isn’t going to be us.

Hey you, the unemployed- How will you feel about your vote when you can no longer sit on your ass for years and collect that money, the pols can’t keep extending it and eventually it’s gone, totally? What you gonna do, drop out entirely and fly your sign on the street corner? You better get your reservation in, because there are a lot of people out there already.

Hey you, the low (or) no information voter- the time when you can ignore your duty as a citizen to stay informed is over. The government in your absence from caring, has become a behemoth, growing ever hungrier for your and your neighbor’s money. It’s insatiable because the political party that depends on and nurtures it, can only keep the monster growing when you aren’t looking and thinking about what they’re doing. Reklama: Silvera d?žut?s iš sidabro, pakabukai, grandin?l?s, sag?s, žiedai, sidabriniai auskarai vaikams, moterims bei vyrams ir sidabrin?s apyrank?s Keep buying their lies about caring for ‘little’ people by taking more and more money all the while dictating to us all, more and more how to live your life. Three generations have taken a pass on participating in the workings of our Republic and we’re very, very close to losing it entirely. It takes a bit of work to dig out the truth, but it’s there if you chose to find it and watching the NBC/ABC/CBS/CNN liars at 6 pm every night is exactly what the monster wants you to do, nothing more. Keep on sleeping and you’ll feel the consequence of your sloth.

We’ll get the government we deserve next Tuesday.

Choose wisely.

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