We don’t give a flying fuck about “investigations” and about who the BlightBringer gets to fall on his or her sword.

We already know all that we need to know.

Americans were in peril. We had the assets to punish the fuck out of the ones responsible and, quite possibly and likely, save them. But even that doesn’t matter in the big picture. Even if we had no chance of rescuing our fellow citizens, we still had everything needed to show those who would hurt us that actions have consequences and you don’t fucking fuck with citizens of the United States of America without paying a heavy, bloody price.

If we DON’T, then we’re painting a big fat target on the backs of every American in the world saying “go ahead, do what you want, it won’t come back to haunt you because we’re pussies.”

I’m a vet, which doesn’t make me automatically a wonderful human being, but it DOES mean that I know that you never, EVER, leave anybody behind. Cost be fucked, your teammates have to know that you have their backs, no matter what. The enemy might win one, but he’ll know that he’s been somewhere, and he WILL be hurting.

The BlightBringer failed miserably there. He hung Americans out to dry because he didn’t want to disturb his wonderful fairy tale about how he’d single-handedly brought peace and accord to the Arab World, the “Arab Spring”, even if it meant letting four American citizens die. They meant less than shit to him compared with his bullshit.

That’s all we need to know.

The first responsibility of a Commander in Chief is to his people, ALL of them, and if that means stepping on the toes of somebody then so be it.

You don’t, ever, leave your guys dangling in the wind. If that means turning an entire country into glass, then so be it.

Of course, in this case nothing near as drastic was necessary. We had assets in the air, we had boots within two hours, we had additional air assets within an hour in a battle that lasted 7 hours, but he just sat on his dick. Correct that, he actively ORDERED those assets to stand down and let the pisslamic animals murder our ambassador. Thankfully, two actual AMERICANS defied that order (and would now be prosecuted if they hadn’t died trying to do his job for him) and managed to gun down 60 enemies before they, too, were brutally murdered thanks to our “president’s” cowardice.

That’s all we need to know. Let the nutless GOP proceed with their “investigations” that will lead to nothing at all because the only thing they fear more than the utter destruction of our nation is an unfavorable column in the New York Times, we already know all that needs to be known.

We are grateful that we believe in G-d, because we know that no punishment that we could possibly come up with even compares to what the BlightBringer will face when he finally dies and goes to Hell.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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