No, we’re not putting this up here to make you projectile vomit, although the reaction would be understandable, we’re putting it up here to show you just how flipping desperate the Ogabe Campaign is getting, urging young women to vote for Teh One™ because it’s like, you know, your first time, having sex with the friggin’ PRESIDENT who is so, you know, DREAMY!

We don’t know about you but we, for one, are convinced that young American women aren’t the shallow, nymphomaniac hussies that the Obama Campaign so desperately needs them to be, and that this is going to backfire every bit as much as that aging “student”, Sandra Fluke (last name pronounced in a way that rhymes with “shmuck”), and her shrill, desperate claims that there is no way she and American women as a whole can lead fulfilling lives without gummint paying for mountains of condoms so high it would give Ogabe altitude sickness if he were to stand atop of them, trying to debate.

Contrary to Code Pink, the leftist Democrat Socialist Party and such other ignoramuses who can think only in easily categorized binders, oops, of people, His Imperial Majesty doesn’t think that women of America are nothing but dim, walking, talking vaginas who exist only to reach their next orgasm. Color us simplistic if you like, but that’s not the impression we’ve gotten from our numerous interactions with the fairer sex. Well, except for that one back in college but, in all fairness, we weren’t exactly Aristotle in our interactions with her. Nevermind. The less said about that sad interlude, the better.

But whether you think that ad, that very official ad from OfA by the way, even though you’d be excused to think it was some sort of hideous parody, will blow up in Ogabe’s coke-snorting face or not, you should find encouragement in the fact that this is how low they think they have to go to stave off the inevitable.

You can say “Fucking ZEUS, how DARE they?” or you can say “oh yes, please, keep digging! More, more, give us more of that please!” Personally we’re a bit in both camps, but you can’t say, if you’re in the least bit honest with yourselves, that ads like that one is the kind of ads that show you a confident campaign that is even close to winning.

No, it’s not time to soap each others backs and break out the cigars yet, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings, but it IS time to say hey, fuck it, they’re demoralized as hell, let’s draw steel and ride the Fluke right through them! We still need to get the results past the Margin of Fraud, after all.

But we ARE winning! Everything you do, everything we all do, is working.

Now do MORE of it!

Crush them, obliterate them, piss on their ashes.

Friends, Romans, countrymen: We’re WINNING!


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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