I’d ask that each Rottie post their gut call for November.

Mitt or Barry, over to you. Post reasons and any theories. this isn’t a “how will you vote”, I’d like to ask a realistic gut call on how this will go down. We’ve all seen the poll models, and they swing so far and so fast they resemble Joe Biden’s few remaining brain cells dosed with Viagra on a trapeze.

If you call it for Obama, that’s okay, what I’m looking for is beyond the hype, beyond who we WANT to win….so this close, folks, put it all away, think on it and give me your best call.

Note: You all know me well, I am not an Eeyore, or a doomsayer, but I will be frank and state that it IS possible for the SCOAMF to leg it for another four years, no one with any brains takes winning for granted.

My call is Romney, with a narrow margin. Reasons? My call is the beer glasses are off, and Obama has passed his use by date by a wide margin. Can’t give a concrete rationale other than a feeling that he went to the well once too often. Benghazi is a festering sore that will NOT go away, and add in the economy fuckups along with his past “history”..Mitt will win, but it will NOT be a landslide.

My guess is maybe 10 or more electoral votes. Nevada and Wisconsin will be a knife edge. Florida as well. Don’t ask me why.

Vermont and open carry: a 2nd amendment issue, looking at Obama’s history in walking all over that amendment, my feel is that it will go Romney..just and no more.

DAMMIT, Why didnt Romney use that as a massive lever? Not as much the NRA, but he didnt or hasnt accentuated that factor enough. Mitt should have used the 2nd more and highlighted the Constitution. Gun rights are a HUGE percentage in voter visibility, and a high priority issue..one that he could have used to CRUCIFY Obama on.

Over to you

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By LCBren

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