Maybe its the pressure of actually having to do something resembling work. Or the campaign’s belated realization that Obama’s best debate performance of the season was against Clint Eastwood at the RNC. Whatever the cause, in the last several days, Der Fubar’s re-coronation campaign has managed to shoot almost all of its toes off. Here is a sampling of only a few of their mistakes and misdeeds, ranging from the merely amateurish to the gaffe-a-strophic, and further to the plainly criminal and treasonous.

First, we pick up the story of campaign operative and apparent product development expert in contraceptives, Sandra “Legs in the Air” Fluke, whose recent appearance for the Obama Campaign drew less than 12 people, most of them lonely, horny old men hoping to help Sandra with more product testing.

Stories of voter fraud are popping up all over the place. James O’Keefe, of ACORN exposure fame, has been working this issue, and has two recent wins to his credit. The first was here in Texas, and the second exposed the son of a Demoncrat Congressman in Virginia. Meanwhile, stories of voting machines defaulting to Obama votes have appeared in North Carolina and Nevada. Just imagine what has not yet been uncovered.

The much ballyhooed October surprise the Demoncrats were baking finally came out of the oven, burnt to a crisp. Apparently, Romney once testified in the divorce trial of a friend and business associate who was running Staples, and the nutjob this man divorced has hated them both for all these many years since, blaming them for the fact that she had to trade the Bentley for a Jaguar. She managed to find herself easily manipulated by the ethically unencumbered Gloria Allred, who tried to get a judge to lift the gag order that her client agreed to in the divorce so she could publicly slander Romney. Much to her surprise, she was pimp-slapped by the judge, and then had to read later that day that the Romney campaign does not oppose the release of the divorce records, as they ‘had nothing to hide‘. Sad trombone.

Next, Obama supporter Ted Turner goes right off his Lithium and tells Piers Morgan on CNN that he is glad that military suicides are up, and outpacing combat deaths. Walk that back, why doncha. Wow. Maybe pass it off as randy old Ted speaking Hanoi Jane’s love language, hoping for one more shot at throwing the old hotdog down the hallway.

Today, the junior under-achievement campaign releases the creepiest ad in the history of all American politics ever, entitled Your First Time, which is intended to attract first time voters to Obama using a thinly veiled double-entendre obviously meant to evoke the notion of another well-known ‘first time’. The idea that the campaign suggests young people lose their ‘political virginity’ to the Obama Administration is surreal, vain, lewd, churlish and disgusting all at once. Here’s a meme for you: “Okay, sweetie, show me on the doll where the President touched you.” Ouch. Count the minutes until this message is pulled with extreme prejudice. Just like Julia, the ward-of-the-state poster child introduced to much fanfare months ago. Remember that? Haven’t seen her anywhere except on a milk-carton.  Oh, and it gets better: it turns out that the Obama campaign stole this idea from none other than Vladimir Putin. So, I have a question? is there no one in the campaign that thought this might come back to bite them? Anyone? Bueller?

The whole Libya/Benghazi story is a crime wrapped in arrogance and soaked in ineptitude, and it is playing out at several levels. The least of the related stories is big enough by itself that it would end the career of Republican politicians, and that is the story of the father of Tyrone Woods, one of the former SEALs killed in the attack. He is telling his story about his exchanges with Obama, SecState Clinton and Joe “The Hyena” Biden, and they are damning in ways that are new to the American experience. I have linked the Blaze story here, but it is enough to say that Mr. Wood was understandably appalled when greeted by the Vice President with the phrase, “Has your son always had balls as big as cue balls?” Wow. Just Wow.

The real, no-shit, serious-as-a-heart-attack aspect of the Benghazi event is the circumstantial evidence pointing to scary misconduct and/or malfeasance on the part of the President and his Administration. It is increasingly clear that the true nature of the event was known to senior administration officials in near real-time, and that someone in the chain of command chose not to take potentially life-saving action in the heat of the moment. The so-called 3am phone call scenario raised during the NSDWP primary actually came, and the best thing that can be said is that neither Obama nor Hilary were up to the job. The worst thing that could be said? What if Stevens really was engaged in moving arms to the Syrian rebels, these parties turned out to be Al Qaeda, and Stevens knowledge of same became an enormous administration liability? The facts must be discovered, and dragged out into the daylight. The main stream media has been deeply complicit in this cover-up, with CBS choosing to withhold video that would have contradicted Obama early on, and in so doing, have implicated themselves in a very real and potentially damaging way. It was only a matter of time before the media went way too far in their support of this criminal enterprise. It is now interesting to watch, as some who used to dance faithfully to any tune Teh One used to play are now beginning to think about their lives in a world where they no longer enjoy his protection from consequences.

Count ’em down, Rotties, and get out the vote! November 6th, we flush!


As expected, it looks like more people involved in the Benghazi event are coming forward with their stories. No one wants to take one for the Obama team on this. I would expect that Hitlery also has her CYA file packed full, and while she has accepted some responsibility, this is probably only for the duration of the campaign. Here is the latest, deeply disturbing news, courtesy of CIA staff present in Benghazi at the time.

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By LC SecondMouse

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