In which Ace, for once, manages to utterly and completely miss the fucking point.

A growing number of actual conservative members of Congress are reaching the point where they’ve had enough of the “continuing resolutions” to “keep government from shutting down” (which, if you ask us, and P.J.O’Rourke, is hardly something to be considered a bonus as government shutting down ought to be the top priority of any sane human being who has realized, fully, how utterly government fucks up everything when it’s “working”, but we digress) since the piddling, tiny little cuts to spending they get each time aren’t getting the job done.

Ace has this to say:

I don’t mind the drip-drip-drip — I think it’s pretty clever. Isn’t it? We have $10 billion in cuts so far, and every time we do this, we can ask, “You’re saying you can’t cut just an additional $4 billion more?” It’s like the frog in boiling water.

I understand that people like Rubio want to get this funding issue out of the way to work on other things, but I think the GOP leadership is playing this pretty well so far.

No. We don’t mind “drip-drip-drip” either, it’s a damn sight better than the ever increasing flood of unfunded spending that we’ve been witnessing from both kinds of administrations so far, but you’re missing the bloody point here.

The point being that the piddling, piffling, ridiculously tiny cuts do absolutely nothing to address the real herd of elephants in the room. They have done nothing to defund OgabeCare, the EPA, restructuring entitlements etc., their funding remains untouched and that IS the fucking point.

Even if we manage to “drip-drip-drip” a total of $100 billion in funding to cowboy poetry slams and such, it won’t matter a flying fuck in a Fujita-5 twister if OgabeCare, just to name one of the most important pending financial disasters, isn’t stopped dead cold in the water before it’s become just another “fact of life.”

Why the fuck do you “let’s just take it one small step at a time” morons think that the DemCong, Cloward-Piven fascists are so indifferent to your puny “victories” in the CRs?

Once OgabeCare is in full swing, it’s never ever going away and the DemCong National Socialists know it.

Pop quiz, morons: When was the last time a government program allowed to become fully functioning law was shut down, abandoned and wiped out of existence, never to be heard of again?

We’ve got all day. Actually, we’ve got until the entropy death of the universe, because you won’t come up with one single example.

THAT’S the point.

Once that entitlement program is added to the rest you can whoop and holler to your hearts’ content about having defunded subsidies for twine-collecting in Podunk all you like, because it won’t matter one little bit. We’ll be fucked, and there’ll be no way back that doesn’t involve an encore of those slight misunderstandings we all remember as “1776” and/or “1861.”

Oh, and then there’s the tiny point about defunding and stopping stuff like OgabeCare being the platform upon which all of those GOP freshmen got elected.

We know it’s confusing and “unhelpful” to “pragmatists” to keep bringing it up, but look up “keeping your word”, “honor” and “integrity” in your comic book versions of encyclopedias.

You might learn something, although we’re not holding our breath.


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By Emperor Misha I

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