Just a quick thought thrown out there because I keep hearing the old “yeah sure, but Mitt is a flip-flopper and he’s not nearly principled enough to save the republic, so why eat the shit sandwich?”

You know what? I hear you. You’re right. He’s a pragmatist or, as we say in the corporate world in which he has way more experience than I’ll ever have, a “fixer.”

He knows what he wants, but he’s also keenly aware of what he can get. That’s the whole nature of the game in venture capitalism. You don’t throw away a 40% gain because you can’t have the 100% you wanted and thus cut off your nose to spite your face.

And what he can get depends completely upon what he has to work with. If he has a Congress made up of conservatives, his decisions will reflect that, because no amount of starry-eyed, blocked idealism will ever be better than a partial win. Not to say that the man doesn’t have principles as his veto record as a Governor of Massachusetts shows, but he’s not going to throw out half a cookie because he can’t have all of it. He’d be a fucking idiot to do so.

So un-electing Barack the Fuckhead is just one step. It’s an important one, because we won’t survive another four years of “recovery” as a nation worth living in, but it’s only one step. The most important one is to give his replacement a Congress he can work with to do what he wants to do.

Which ought to be motivation enough for those of you who aren’t all that hip to the latest GOP candidate who isn’t the person you wanted to win the primaries. I feel your pain. You know I do. Motivation enough to at least show up to support the down ticket and, heck, since you’re there anyway, why not cast a vote for the guy who will work WITH them instead of actively AGAINST them?

Give the man a pair of pruning scissors and he’ll cut off the low hanging branches of the Federal Leviathan because that’s all he can do. Give him a chainsaw, on the other hand.

Just asking, is all.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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