Which is great, considering that it’s only two weeks away.

Yes, we got the highlights from tonight’s debate (but only the highlights as we were otherwise occupied) and yes, we too would have liked to see Romney go all Scipio Aemilianus on Obunghole’s worthless arse, but we can’t say that we disagree with his approach. Sure, “where was Benghazi and Fast and Furious?” are things that popped up in the Imperial mind as well, but think about it: That would surely have played well to US, but we were going to vote for him anyway.

That’s the mistake that Obuttmunch made in both the second and third debate (and Biden to the umpteenth degree in the VP debate by laughing like a hyena at such hilarious topics as Iran obliterating Israel in a nuclear holocaust). Hurt by his base who would vote for him even if he single-handedly raped an entire Catholic girls’ school to death on live Tee Vee that he hadn’t been aggressive enough, he turned into a sneering, snarking jerk which, in any nation of civilized people, does not equate with “presidential.”

Which is what fence sitters are looking for at this point. Doubt us? How much of a bounce did Obam-bam’s sudden “reinvention” in the second debate create? Oh shite, it created a bounce in his opponent’s favor. Well done, Hussein, you achieved the impossible: You made people who’d vote for you if you appeared on The View washing down live fetuses with the blood of virgins 150% likely to vote for you instead of a mere 100%. And made everybody who still hadn’t made their minds up think “gee, this guy is a fucking jerk, isn’t he?”

Keep it up! PLEASE!

And that’s what people like you and me have to keep in mind after the “disappointing” third debate. Mitt didn’t headlock Hussein and stomp all over his body like we would have dearly loved to see, but he DID manage to go through 90 minutes of relentless lies and Obam-bam propaganda with a smile on his face while delivering subtle and very nice jabs to the screaming toddler on the stage quite frequently.

All Hussein had was “Romney LIE, he BAD!” while himself lying through his teeth about the numerous “successes” of his misadministration that no actual human being believes any more since no amount of Bureau of Labor Statistics book cooking is going to get them a job or make the price of food and gas go down while Romney politely nodded and smiled like you would with a howling infant in the room while he explained just how he would actually DO something about that.

Not the eviscerating that I would have loved to see, but certainly something that showed who the adult in the room is.

Things are looking up, and if the Hussein campaign pulling out of states like Florida and Virginia and retreating to their “firewall” while going deep into debt just to keep going isn’t going to convince you, then I honestly don’t know what will.

That being said, this is not a time to start rubbing each others backs and consider it all over and done, because it isn’t until the only poll that matters has been done, which is on November 6th. Keep it up and be happy warriors. We’re winning this and, most importantly, we’re winning it to the point where any amount of fraud committed by our enemies, and count on them pulling out all the stops to save their messiah, will smell like rotten fish should Ogabe “win.”

We’ve shifted the momentum, people. If we lose now, it is going to look fishy. That wasn’t the case a few weeks ago, but even the EneMedia is beginning to give up on lying about Hussein’s chances.

Keep up the fight. We’ve got the enemy demoralized and on the run. Unsheath your sabers and unleash fucking HELL on them!


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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