Having taken a thorough spanking during the first presidential debate and seeing the polls dramatically shifting, putting Romney up 2% nationally, something dramatic has to be done by Team Ogabe. Hey, we have a great idea let’s call Romney a liar. Not that we have anything specific to prove the point we’ll just repeat it over and over and over and it will become the truth. The only thing else they might have done was to add “neener, neener” at the end of it. I mean it worked before right?

Of course, in their desperation they fail to see a number of potential, major problems with this. Primarily is that it worked long before the public really had a look at Mitt Romney the man. During the debate 70 million people saw with their own eyes that man. They saw a confident, kind, and decent man. A man that had command of the facts, domination of the venue, forceful when needed, but not malicious. This man was hardly the Gordon Gekko that the left had tried to create, not by a mile. In contrast the erstwhile hero of the left, looked like the Emperor in his new clothes, naked for all to see. He appeared sullen, disconnected and clueless how to stop the ass-beating, schooling he was getting. His looks to the moderator, appeared like a dog begging for a treat, even asking to change the subject out of desperation. Like all things Obama- EPIC FAILURE !. Without his precious teleprompter and being asked hard questions (for the first time) without the Imperial Guards running cover for him, we saw the real man. A not very bright, ordinary hack ward-heel out of Chicago. Obama demonstrated his clueless nature about the economy debating taxes with Romney the School Master of the evening. I suspect if asked Teh One™ hasn’t even heard of the Laffer Curve that Romney verbally explained to him without using the term. Obama clearly demonstrated what he actually is, a total creation of the media. Perhaps the biggest Straw Man of all time. The media carefully built him to hide his vile ideology, his upbringing at the knees of master socialist and racist leaders. He was likely the least vetted president of all time as well, thanks to the media that built him. It was decided that Barrack Hussein Obama was the one to be our first black president and the choice was disastrous.

In contrast to the naked emperor, many undecided and until now, disinterested voters saw the likability, intellect and obvious decency of Mitt Romney. They saw the lies of the attack ads with their own eyes and ears.

Negative ads do not generally sit well with the public, however they do put bits and pieces about the target into their heads. We’re in the last month before the election and a lot of folks will begin paying attention now. They’ve seen Romney and developed a good opinion about him for the most part. Team Ogabelini shouldn’t be able to get away with painting Romney as a liar without backing it up to the folks now. I would hope that the Romney folks promptly shoot this down for what it is, a desperate last-minute attempt to turn around the surge towards Romney. Obviously they don’t have the traditional “October Surprise” and if this is it, it’s pathetic.

This could very well turn into a trap for Obama to back-up the allegations which we know are baseless. Either way, I don’t think this gambit will be nearly as effective as it was earlier. Going negative at this point, has to effect SCOAMF’s likability numbers. He’ll be seen as mean and petty by many. They’ll see he has nothing new to offer for a second term, just a continuation of the EPIC FAILURES we’ve seen for the last 3 1/2 years, so all he can do is attack his opponent.

I think we’re seeing the beginning of the end to this so far, neck and neck horse race. I suggest instead of telling us what to eat and how much, the First Yeti should start packing.

Don’t forget the popcorn and beverage of your choice for the Veep Debate on Thursday. I keep hearing how ‘the old experienced pol’ might have a trick up his sleeve for that young whippersnapper Ryan. The Gaffemeister is going to get something up somewhere, but it isn’t his sleeve.

-Carry On

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