No, we didn’t watch the debate in its entirety, we’re on vacation here, but we’ve read the recaps, clips and whatnots from both sides of the aisles enough to understand that Obama got an Epic Enema with the ClueBat Wednesday night. It put a smile on our face, and we needed that.

But we honestly doesn’t know why so many are expressing “surprise” at Romney’s “surprisingly good performance”, at least not the ones on our side.

We knew it was going to be a massive beatdown long before it even started.

In one corner you have somebody whose entire life has been winning battles in the corporate world, somebody who has to have all of the facts at his fingertips and somebody who has to be able to shoot down his opponent(s) instantly and keep them from driving the discussion, at least if he’s to have any hope of succeeding in that cutthroat world.

Add to that the fact that he’s had countless debates during the primaries where he, lamentably as far as we’re concerned, did very well. Not very many individuals can fight Newt Gingrich to a draw in a no holds barred debate. And add to that that he’s been further hardened by the Enemy Media who have, helpfully, laid bare their entire game plan for him and thus shown him how to counter it, something we’re sure he didn’t get to see very often in boardrooms, boardrooms he also dominated.

And in the other corner you have a vapid clown whose only “successes” in flapping his gums have been when TOTUS was rattling off carefully selected lines and talking points with nobody to contradict him midstream. An Affirmative-Action spoiled brat who has been cuddled by his masters his entire existence in preparation for becoming their proxy president.

At no point during his career, from spoiled little toddler to the presidency, did he ever achieve anything himself. At no point did he ever have to step into a hostile situation and think on his feet, it was always arranged for him. In Chicago it was done by delegitimizing candidates running in the primaries, and then by somebody “unsealing” divorce records to eliminate the other candidate, thus leaving widdle pwince Bawack Manchuwia Obama running unopposed. In the Democrat primaries of ’08 it was done, not by his effectively debating Hillary Clinton, he never did, but by ballot box stuffing and superdelegates breaking ranks to vote for him.

And thus, based entirely upon some grandiose deliveries of carefully prepared remarks (by somebody else) without interruption and read straight from a TelePrompTer, was the myth of Obama The Orator™ born.

We’re not worried about the Obamahhroids buying that line, but considering the amount of footage of the clownshoe out on the campaign trail when he didn’t have TOTUS helping him out, reducing him to a stuttering, incoherent mess of uhs and uhms and the occasional suggestion that we use breathalyzers to treat asthma, we’re quite frankly astounded to learn that any conservative pundits express any amount of surprise at all that SCoaMF was used to wipe the floor with when he, for the first time, didn’t have a protective screen from the Enemy Media and was left to his own alleged skills.

Especially when up against a merciless businessman whose entire career, and a very successful one at that, was built on knowing the facts, demolishing the other party’s strawmen before they can even break out the matches and, in short, winning. Those kinds of guys spend days, weeks, months analyzing their own data, the other side’s data, every single argument that might come up against you and how best to counter it and they do it to win, because second place is “first loser.”

How Denver could NOT have become the utter demolition of the Naked Emperor is beyond us, unless those same pundits thought that maybe Romney was the same kind of limp-wristed, media whore failure that McVain was. Or maybe they just forgot where Romney came from, not to mention his track record. His is a special personality type and we’ve all, if we think about it, run into them in business. They see everything as a challenge. They they say “can I win it?” and “is it worth it?”, and if, and only if, the answer to both is “yes”, then they’ll engage. With all they’ve got.

And heaven help those who stand in their way unless they’re really, really well-trained in how to counter such a force of nature, and Obama and his misadministration aren’t trained at all.

So I pretty much knew that it was going to be an ass-whuppin’, which is another reason I didn’t tune in. I looked at Mittens’ track record and I knew exactly what personality type he was. Then I looked at how he’d utterly demolished my preferred candidates in the primaries, people infinitely more skilled than president Putts-a-Lot. And then I knew that president pees-his-pants would be in heap trouble.

He tried his level best to steer the debate in his usual direction of the Workers’ Utopia of Next Tuesday™, knowing full well that he couldn’t talk about his actual record, and he got hammered every time as any employee in a corporation would get hammered if his only comments at his performance review was what he was promising to do. As in: “That’s all very well, but what about the job you’ve done so far should encourage us to believe that you can achieve all of that?”

Yep, that’s really the best analogy I can think of: Romney called Obama in for his performance review and, bluntly, asked him: “Based on how you’ve spectacularly fucked up everything you’ve tried in the past, give me just one good reason why I should believe you when you say that you can pull off what you’ve failed to pull off over the past four years.”

And he would not let go. Brilliant.

As a result, Obam-bam spent the entire debate uhm-ing and uh-ing, looking down and away from the audience, smirking all the time, bumbling off on incoherent re-runs of his ’08 talking points, just as anybody with half a brain knew he would.

All of it utterly predictable to anybody who has ever witnessed the spectacle of an alpha tearing the guts out of a submissive beta who knows he’s beat.

“But Obama has two more debates!” Yeah, he does. And just how does anybody think that his prep team, even if they were halfway competent, would be able to make up for a lifetime of never ever having to enter a fight where the outcome wasn’t already pre-determined?

He’s toast. And 67 million Americans saw just what a bumbling fool he was.

That’s not going to go away.

Thatisall, back in temporary retirement.

Addendum, from Jeff Carter:

As I listened to the two candidates speak tonight, I thought to myself, “who would I rather work for?”. There is no question. Romney. Romney has your back. He crushes you if you screw up, and pats you on the back when you do well. Obama makes excuses. If things go well, he shines. If things go bad, you are going to hear about it.

Exactly. I work for a “Romney-type” company. If you fuck up, they have your back because everybody does but you’ll still be called on the carpet to correct it or you’re out. If you succeed, you get not only a pat on your back, you get promoted. In an Obama company, Obama gets credit for all that you do, but none of the blame if you eff up. Then you go under the bus to prove that it wasn’t Obama’s fault.

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