Acting on a recommendation from LC Rurik, we checked out another rant from Pat Condell and we are forever thankful to Rurik that we did because Pat, as usual, kicks arse in ways that are beyond our way with words to explain, this time to further emphasize just how the fuck much we don’t really give a flying fuck about mooselimbs and their tender feewings, as opposed to our alleged “president” who is only too happy to suck every mooselimb cock in the world blue.

What he said.

Listen, you drooling savages, there is no way in hell that you’ll ever make us give a flying fuck about your pwecious feewings, because in order for us to do so, we have to respect you at least a tiny little bit. And in order for us to do that, you have to do something to at least try to earn our respect, because we, unlike resident Jugears, don’t hand respect out like candy or participation ribbons.

You haven’t. Not even a little bit. You have contributed a sum of zero to this world, unless murdering innocents and raping pre-teens is a “contribution”, this world would not only be no worse off if your pedophile prophet and his delusional ravings had never existed, it would actually be better off, you could all die off suddenly and it would in no shape, form or fashion, deprive the totality of humanity in the slightest unless your rotting corpses were left behind for us to clean up to remove the stink.

Yet you insist that we should respect you, bow down to you and acknowledge your value as fellow human beings.

For that to happen, you first have to reach the exalted level of “human being”, and you haven’t even made a half-arsed attempt to get there. You don’t even qualify for the status of “aspiring human being.”

You have contributed zilch, zero, nada, bupkis to humanity. Look at all of the others, they all contributed something. Starting with Judeo-Christianism, if it hadn’t been for the church, humanity would have had to do a complete reboot after the classical era collapsed and led into the dark ages. They kept that shit protected and secreted away until it could be dragged out and dusted off. It single-handedly jump started the enlightenment and the Renaissance by preserving the notes from civilizations long gone. Other faiths preserved honor, integrity, respect for life in all of its forms and heck, even atheism contributed by pushing us to understand G-d’s miracles through science. They get carried away at times, to be sure, but they still serve to keep us honest and searching for a scientific explanation for all that we see and learn.

Pisslam, on the other hand, contributed nothing. Nothing at all, other than a case study in how human beings can let irrational hatred and their very lowest impulses dictate everything that they do, and that’s a lesson that we could have done without. Even your much touted “gift” of algebra you stole from somebody else.

Or what about your “religion”, pisslam? Your pedophile loser of “prophet” nicked about 90% of that from the Bible, only conveniently leaving out the bits that kept you from pillaging, murdering and raping as you bloody well felt like and then, to add idiocy to plagiarism, made every fucking brain fart of that deluded rapist modifying what few restrictions you’d allowed yourselves more important than the original text that you, being incompetent, drooling fucktards, had stolen in the first place because you never had an original thought in your lives.

You. Are. Fucking. Losers.

Learn to live with it. Accept it and then, for your own good and the good of all of humanity, consider how you, too, might contribute to the great human experience. Because you surely have the spark within you as everybody else does, you just have to let it out.

Or die. You can be an asset or a liability. It’s entirely up to you.

Either way, we don’t give a fuck. You, like everybody else, are not “owed” a damn thing. You have to earn that. And if you won’t, then you can fuck off and die, we’re not going to lose any sleep over it.

We owe you fuck all. And no amount of effeminate threats from you is going to change that. You primitive pansies have no bloody idea what kind of hell we can unleash on your retarded heads if you push it too far, and you have even less of a bloody idea just how little of a fuck we’ll give if we have to.

You have been warned. Or we will vote you right the fuck off the island.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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